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RT @TotalUgandaInfo: Predict the final score between Ghana vs Uganda and win Total prizes. 1st three correct predictions win and you mus…
RT @Bwomono: NO LONGER AT EASE is a novel about when your underwear gets lost in your crack.
RT @_MuGisha_: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You should start paying us to view your content on this app
RT @PatriqKanyomozi: Hundreds of volunteers that will be working at the games today waiting for instructions outside the Port Gentil sta…
Feminism or nah?! 😂😂👇👇👇
RT @BenAnatiii: we are walloping Ghana tonight. For the support Amin gave our 1978 heroes, let it be bigger this time #CranesOyee…
RT @adellabenda: @VisionGrp #MbararaBureau showing commitment to their country by giving moral support to @UgandaCranes #AFCON2017
RT @Jude_Mugabi: John Terry took it to a Champions league final. Steven Gerrard took it to a match that decided the winner of the 20…
RT @MikeDeanTHFC: Cheers Kanye great to see one of the best artists in the world recognise the best referee in the world
RT @PatriqKanyomozi: 48 yr old Ismael from Ghana sells flags on Port Gentil,working on the Uganda flag ahead of the game today.He says G…
RT @RobertAlai: Wrong for Uhuru to launch a bridge but not wrong for Joho to launch a wooden wheelbarrow? Mhhh #DoubleSpeak!!!
RT @Dendaiii: I already did you chick Who else do you want
RT @RugyendoQuotes: SCANDAL: According To A German Newspaper, Africa Pays 400 Billion Euros Per Year to France!! via @howafrica
RT @kasujja: Explaining why Uganda last went to #AFCON in '78 is like.. explaining why Liverpool has never won the Premier League....
RT @Jadwong: A GYAN: Numbers say we're ahead of them. If they beat us, it will be great news for them; but if we beat them it's normal. #Quote #CAN2017
RT @Jadwong: A GRANT: #Uganda is a tough team, good football. They gave us tough moments in our past 2 meetings, but that is history now. #Quote #CAN2017
RT @Jadwong: MASSA: We are not here as tourists, we came here for business. We have a purpose and we will start it against Ghana. #Quote #CAN2017
RT @Ramah_Nyang: Germany's Minister in charge of the Economy evidently has no chills. 👏👏👏👏
RT @Kikaziii: Thirsty niggas everywhere 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Look at Kayihura