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Meanwhile, in the far-right blogosphere, Kellogg's is being compared to Hitler. Not making this up.
Making a cauliflower & tarragon soup, with parsley & garlic dumplings.
RT @ohnoNOTFEMINISM: "FEMINISTS ARE MAKING MEN LOOK BAD" No that's men, men are making men look bad
RT @O_luwatomiwa: Buhari is actually having a good time, No serious protest or oppositn. No one is making him sweat he's just doing anyhow like jedijedi
RT @munjal_kajal: #LionHeartImpact is everlasting as it is making ppl understand richness of our culture, spirituality & how to live life. Do u agree??
RT @Evan_McMullin: 9. Hold members of Congress accountable for protecting our rights and democracy through elections and by making public demands of them now.
@TheRealDJDIGGA rocking out with reps of #blackgold out of long Island New York making sure you…
Vincent Van Gogh~ A good picture is equivalent to a good deed. #money making #GoPackGo #rt #ps4share #money making…
me: eats a snack while making a snack✋🏾
RT @DamnRealPosts: Sometimes I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn't do anything wrong, and for making unworthy people a priority in my life
@HuffingtonPost The world we are making only self destruction can come of it. Nothing Christ like here at all.
Now that pictures are finally taken, I get to enjoy the point of making my Onder shawl. Thanks, N!
RT @TAubrxy: Y'all making the wrong moves lol, why are people so content with staying local, lame af
Making a giant chilli while listening to @BBCFoodProg's melting pot of female chefs cooking up a storm : a UKIP nig…
RT @shalynmaria_: Sometimes people don't let go of what's making them sad because it was the only thing that made them happy.
RT @reechagupta797: Millions Salute to You @Gurmeetramrahim ji for making Such a Wonderful Movie Which Changed our Society Completely #LionHeartImpact
@realjessamica92 Sims 2 is great ! I feel like there isn't many people making sims 2 videos anymore :c
Making the fugleman away from in re claimbrand!: Ojrjh
RT @Realllllminope: Cutie making faces at the cam in the morning hahahah
RT @MohitDhawan_mr: Millions Salute to You Guru @Gurmeetramrahim ji 4 Making Such a Wonderful Movie Which Changed our Society Completely #LionHeartImpact
@jadler1969 is Art II sec 2 making a temporal dictation? I imagine Senate (in new session) could preemptively consent before a nomination
Thank u Arijit Singh for making People Break ups more Worse by ur Dukhi Songs 😎😢😎
👌🏼Fewer buyers are coming from Latin #America, but other countries are making up the difference! Easier access by...
RT @RapSpotlights: RT if you're happy that Kodak Black is out and making new music 🔥