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RT @KurtHackbarth: How about making that "not-for-profit provider" #MedicareForAll, @SenGillibrand? #SinglePayer #NewYork
RT @itskirstinn: you need to let go of what used to bring you happiness when all it starts doing is making you unhappy
@dkavedk You can keep up-to-date with Info Security info on PLOW: Join us in making a less noisy internet.
RT @WWEPamela: I love that Roman is making the smarks boil with anger. Good job, king! @WWERomanReigns
RT @D_Sykes9: If we're not making each other better I don't need you around. 🤷🏽‍♂️
this is making me nervous omg #CHIvsTBL
RT @JerroldsTyler: Don't remember asking for any ones opinion when making decisions in my life
@mmrhoney00 thinks she's real funny making us all feel bad, smh.
RT @SavannahReid15: Stop making stupid, worthless, and untalented people famoussss!!!!
tbf roman is making these philly nerds dance like the puppets they are, fair play big dog
RT @bellanaija: BN Making It!: 24 Year Old Medical Doctor Adedunmola Oluwo’s Work Ethic & Business Sense is 💡…
RT @BruceFeldmanCFB: #Miami added two more blue-chip commits today, making it seven 4/5-star commits from SoFLA as part of what 247 ranks as nation's No. 1 class
RT @Bulletproof_SG: Loved this part when Taehyung was caught not paying attention and Namjoon making sure Taehyung got what he said…
RT @LaurenWern: We'll MAGA when we impeach a treasonous faux patriot like you. You view the presidency as a money-making scheme.
03-28 Boy and girl, siblings, wearing casual clothing, making... #medvode
RT @skimlines: I wonder if White folks expect me to feel flattered that they're making a White version of this old sexist movie. I'm really not flattered.
RT @Millerita: I don't think Presidential stains is a topic you want to bring up while making the case for a Clinton...
stop making normal people feel like they're so beautiful lay9eron 7gnh mthl ily f baly🤦🏼‍♀️
RT @babyjenny_xoxo: I'm just worried about making money😈
Did they start making robotic men yet? I’m tired of these fleshy nobodies. I need me a man I can program to have common sense.
RT @WholeLotta_JAZZ: Lord Lebron don't even wanna play in this game no more he making up injuries
RT @bloop: every night i think about all the mistakes i’ve made and how much i regret making those decisions because my life could have been different.
RT @tac0bail: if you missed the choir concert, you really missed out. there's nothing i love more than making beautiful music with beautiful people.
RT @Lollardfish: Ryan: "Just sitting on my couch, feeling the grim satisfaction of making sure people can murder sleeping animals. L…