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RT @OddMunchie: Andrew Leeds in Major Payne sounds exactly like @psychicpebble
I wouldn't rule out a trade for a vet. Fans just seem to think the draft will net a major's not. Espe…
Black* RT @UrKindOfBrand: Major Payne is a top 20 movie of all time
Major Payne is a top 20 movie of all time
RT @rickyftw: The new google keyboard is totally great! PROS: Integrated Emojis and Gifs CONS: tracking all of my keystrokes and sending them to the CIA
RT @EliotETC: Is Twitter for Android sluggish for anyone else lately?
@DaddyHellscream @EgoDraws I was blocked by her and I have no idea why 😦
RT @JoniJoestar: Who has the worst fate?
@kongskullisland should have just replaced @SamuelLJackson with Damon Wayans and made "Major Payne 2: Mission of a Niggas Wildest Dreams"
@DaddyHellscream na, don't worry bout it. You do you 👌
@WM_Major_Payne im so sorry i hope you didnt get in trouble
@DaddyHellscream lol I'm going to have to switch sensitive content on when I go to college now
RT @OverwatchTXT: A guide on how to pick your heroes.