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major spoilers!!! however, this is an incredibly powerful article that offers important insight into WHY this movie…
RT @carolJhedges: @VeroVero777 @MrRae1000 @corrydes Major was quite right when he called IDS & his ilk 'bastards'
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Major Lazer - Be Together (Le Pars Remix)
RT @EricLiptonNYT: NYT makes major investment to expand its coverage of immigration issues in United States. Readers will benefit enor…
Major Crimes - 5x15 "Cleared History" Promo & Blog -
RT @TelegraphNews: Miracle baby becomes youngest to survive major abdominal surgery
RT @TheDemocrats: Meanwhile in CT's special election... 👏 Dems win 2 major seats 💪 Dems nearly took the most GOP seat in the state…
Lt. Tebow and Major. JJ Watt lead the new crusades in the Middle East in 2022. It was written.
RT @Kinsey_Ruffner: every time I'm in Mrs. Lomas' class & someone says "Wayne State", "education major", or "Allen Park" I think of the Kelly Pawlowski video
My room used to be so organized when I was a psych major but now that I'm an art major I'm lucky if I've made my bed this week.
I would like to bring to your attention that fordham wifi sucks major dick
Want to do something BIG on your #campus? Host a #DriveToHungerAwareness event & make some major impact!…
To be discussed Thursday, 6:30 p.m., in the Bozeman High School south cafeteria: $25 million in major street...
Real talk: if you don't believe climate change is a major, legitimate threat to all life on this planet, you should kill yourself. Full stop
MAJOR KEY ALERT 🗝️🗝️🗝️🗝️🗝️
@kylegriffin1 Major difference is millions watched Trump for spectacle to see if he'd screw up. I turned him off once saw he was on leash
We're kicking off March and #NationalEducationMonth with our first fun fact! Was this your major going into college…
RT @DrGPradhan: If my analysis is correct, 80% probability, expect a major strike in Gujarat. Which never happened before @HMOIndia @anandibenpatel
RT @jaketapper: "Trivial fights" should be "behind us," but hours later WH offers @VP Pence interviews to every major US TV broadca…
RT @UsmanRx: 6. Regarding westernization as a major source of modern civilization.
RT @forging: losing me is a major L
The rough estimate so far of damage: Minor - 178 Moderate - 13 Major - 0 Destroyed - 0 #FranklinTN #tnwx
My brain decided that a nice, soothing dream about witnessing a major air disaster would be the best way to wake me up. 😐
Interview for Lush and there were three MAJOR Lush enthusiasts being interviewed too. I'll see myself out. 😂