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Those trying to access Nashville Rd, or trying to get to Hwy 27 from Nashville - need to detour via Huntington Rd/Major Mackenzie Dr
Over scheduling yourself can be a major source of stress during the holidays. Slow down and learn to say 'no'.…
RT @everspace_game: BREAKING: Major updated spotted! Featuring the all-new Colonial Gunship and much more.…
The two major tasks that were due today have been taking care of. Finally catching up on The Game Awards!
They literally have no idea..amature hour About Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare... via @bpolitics
@ljbama22 Unlike many other incidents there's major proof McKnight didn't have a gun
RT @5liveSport: 'He's an outstanding psychologist' Can Gareth Southgate break England's psychological hoodoo at major tournaments?…
RT @jrivanob: Recent Board of Supes action against 1515 South Van Ness is galvanizing opponents to 100% senior housing project 1/
RT @timhowl: Well, no tears but there's an apology for attacking #ERRE MPs' work. But no apology for major backtracking on the a…
RT @HomeAdvisor: Clogged garbage disposals are a major problem around the holidays. Here is what you need to know: via @aboutdotcom
@spokenpriestess ok question which numbers did nasty push the guy had two sold out supamega shows a major multimillion deal 106 park buzz?
Can't seem to find a topic I want to do for my presentation on Monday. Need major inspiration 😭
Lowkey not a bad comparison. Drake definitely ain't HOV, but Drake definitely making major moves. Still ain't Jay t…
@ariffalyahya77 mcm major injury je, susah pulak nk describe sakit tu mcm mana tapi sakit lah dia more to lenguh sikit.
RT @WorIdStarComedy: if ur an art major and can't name this piece... drop out is tough by itself. A major advantage of marriage is being able to go home to someone who loves you.#MrMrsBetterHalf
عاجل 🔴 . القوات ⁧#السعودية⁩ تتصدى لهجوم قبالة الحدود.. ومقتل 23 حوثيا اليوم. (الإخبارية) . #الحد_الجنوبي⁩ ⁧#المملكة⁩ ⁧#اليمن
RT @Valholla: .@TheTrackBurnaz land their first major label placement with #BadTings @ZoeyDollaz‘s new single feat. @DBBantino…
Please continue to tell me how Obama ruined this country over the past 8 years. I have major complaints too but let's call a spade a spade.
RT @RichardTrubacek: @SaxonInfidel @bluehand007 Terrorism was a major weapon of Mohammed's invading hoards. You can't have one w/o the other.
@dxaxk lol yea for your goals but not for my nudes the hips. The thighs. They were major keys in this love affair
RT @Guardabascio: Long Beach Poly RB Aaron Shampklin is headed to Harvard. Had Pac-12 offers and went academic. Much respect—major talent.
Listening to Piano Concerto In G Major: II Adagio assai by Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), on my Echo!
RT @GeorgeMonbiot: If @UKLabour had joined the progressive alliance in #RichmondPark, this would have been their victory too. Instead, another major failure.