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Yesterday I got to feed my favorite animal in the whole world, today I made friends with a porcupine named magoo. I'd say life's pretty gr8.
oi site, queria dizer pra vcs que eu sou um baita de um lixo humano, não recomendo serem meus coleguinhas, pq eu magoo pessoas, bjos.
Parece que não me importo, mas eu me preocupo quando magoo alguém...
pakilala ka muna tas tsaka ako magoo😂😜
@magoo_radley @SiestaKey Has that been confirmed to be him ? Not say it's not just CATFISH is a big thing now days ???
Wag ka daw magoo-goodnight pag di mo naman jojowain. Lam mo na ha?
@McFaul Save your time ... if he doesn't believe Trump has lied he is a magoo ...the end . 😘
@MarcusChhan @FOXSportsAsia Thanks Magoo! Disappointed you didn't do a live blog on my transfer 😅
RT @abstractnights: brockhampton boys so damn cool
RT @ricardojkay: when i'm done using the bathroom at work but remember i could stay a little longer and use my phone
RT @LahFlexico: McGregor made a 100,000,000 in a fight he lost that's the type of L I'm tryna take a L like that
Missy Elliott - Beep Me 911 (feat 702 & Magoo) @missyelliott
RT @richey_collazo: girl I just went to Disney and caught up on my Life With Derek
RT @TheeOnlyOciera: I don't know which was more soothing? Her beauty or this heavenly sound. 😍
RT @WatchTheShaz: Hov describing Blue Ivy's studio session is surreal. @ElliottWilson and @bdotTM got another gem
RT @TheVibeControl: 👼🏽RIP Aaliyah 👼🏽 Hav A Blessed Weekend 🦋
RT @livpossible_: 💍 i can't even front...I would do anything for ya
RT @livpossible_: Daddy's Girl 🌸 @Obnoxious_Magoo
RT @thecityofjules: every week i'm like "do i really need to go to therapy?" and every week when i leave her office im like "worth every penny."
RT @baldbae: I think black people making every possible opportunity hilarious is why we are all still alive lol
RT @livpossible_: Daddy's Girl 🌸 @Obnoxious_Magoo
Roll over, lemme put you to bed
Daddy's Girl 🌸 @Obnoxious_Magoo