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@Telstra @Optus @BoostAus etc and why do staff think saying sorry is a one word magic cure that well suddenly solve issues? It won't.
It's not dangerous, I promise! I fixed it. Or tried to. With blood magic. The mirror won't hurt anyone.
@lsv @wizards_magic @NissaCosplay making my morning over here, LSV! Heads up - big boxing match tonight! #wardkovalev ! It won't disappoint
@humourholic you could do that, but deep down you know it won't work. You could listen to songs on repeat. (Just like me). *Call It Magic*
MAGIC Legacy won't be published; issue #301 to be final issue (Refunds are being p...
I won't even stay awake to hear those magic reindeer click
@WriteMake I won't be able to see it until DVD. Very frustrated and upset but I can't magic it into a venue near me can I? :(
@Shannxo @DemetriSmith_ he's won the league cup too I know that's a small trophy but personally lifting the prem is big enough
Are you hoping #FantasticBeasts delivers the magic? Well our @laurakatejones thinks you won't be disappointed:…
We've killed them both on camera before && they won't stay dead. #SHUTDOWNCLONING of Magic especially ! ! !
#Program #Workout Looking for Rapid Weight Loss? 4 Reasons Why It Won't Work for You… #Magic #Fitness
@franckbiyong1 @SheilaDFerguson long time ago i won a quiz with answering "Della Reese" to the question "Who's the singer of 'It's Magic'"
@Demacian_Lux "Awww. Are you that afraid your little magic trick won't actually work Luxanna?"
Has anyone actually read this and said "oh, guess I won't drink then"?
One of these days maybe your magic won't affect me.
@GeriatricGamer Tiredness won again so no Fight Night for me. Should be around tonight though! @magic_bane @JonLFoster
I'm so tired but magic and Uriah won't go to bed wtfff😑
@masaki_82 @8_bit_magic @AndyNoAibaby if we meet, I won't talk...just gaping at you girls!
Eagles’ punter Dorenbos won’t leave football for magic
Sage probably learned from a textbook. "I won't lie. Y-You have a magic touch." Pyrrha cleared her throat, trying to hide the blush ~
@Perceptas @spacearoace @squidnt @Strike315 Are you really up for this? I mean, I won't stop you in the name of magic.
@rohanramgude Call it magic, call it truth, but you've won a ticket to paradise :) @QuakerIndia
@EthanKoch24 did it while MJ played. Spurs and Rockets won when he retired. So MJ owned the first 7 years of Shaq's career and the Magic