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RT @JaDinePhilly: That scene where Basti was fixing the net & Iris was sorting the rice was quintessential JaDine magic. #TIMYSurprise
@1Sportsislife fake report I guess? But still happy the Magic didn't get him
RT @DarbyAnneWalker: Go OWN the stage tonight my loves ✨🌈🌸 show em' that TEAM MILEY family magic! @iamAliCaldwell @aarondgibson…
I'm giving away something for you on @listia: Bath & Body Works - Magic in the Air. Get it here -
RT @ValimarMTG: #MTG - World Magic Championship Qualifier Promo: 'Inkmoth Nexus'. #WMCQ
RT @BrindusaB1: WA.Mozart The Magic Flute Papagena #AccaddeOggi Giorgione Boy with Flute 1506 @gigliointi…
There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.... #LouReed #quote
@VicRinaldii tadinha, nada que um banho e um pote de sorvete não resolva sushhs
RT @MelsWardrobe: No one is you and that's your magic. Work hard, put yourself out there and you'll get noticed.
RT @haltonparents: Ahhh... the magic is coming... "Xmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more…
I assume responsibility for everything and hold to my energy, then it transforms to serve my desires with infinite speed (like magic)
RT @CityofEdmonton: Celebrate the season with FREE music in City Hall from 10am-2pm every day this week. @yegfoodbank accepted.
Next they'll test molly 😒🙄 Magic Mushrooms May Be Even More Valuable Than Medical Marijuana
RT @DarbyAnneWalker: Go OWN the stage tonight my loves ✨🌈🌸 show em' that TEAM MILEY family magic! @iamAliCaldwell @aarondgibson…
Birthday wishes to the man behind the magic of filmmaking!! #HapppyBdayDisney
RT @CasiMcLean: 🎁#TeaserTuesday A #FREE Holiday GIFT 1 in 5 ==> click to see if you WIN: 📖 Discover the Mag…
another case of using meme magic to write a check you can't cash
The magic behind my really wavy hair lol