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RT @latenitevibe: love can sometimes be magic, but magic can also be an illusion
RT @MagiciansSyfy: Hate magic all you want. Sooner or later, you'll need it. Season 2 of #TheMagicians premieres January 25 on @Syfy.
RT @Y_Adolescence: 【本日発売☆】2枚同時完全限定生産シングル「恋のエフェクトMAGIC」「アイドルレース」本日発売日! ▼恋のエフェクトMAGIC ▼アイドルレース…
Happy Birthday @FLOTUS we appreciate all the ✨magic and leadership you've brought to this country!
This is four of my meals magic pills...just hard work, one minute, one hour, one day…
RT @intobey: me: i don't like magic tricks justin bieber: i love magic tricks me:
We love the look of the upcoming Beasty Baby @z_mcr puppetry and magic from @TheatreRites
RT @FLO_Leaders: You are Unique, there is a magic about You that is all Your own! Be Yourself! Be Free #FLOLeaders #Leadership...
RT @crazykotyara12: Даже не знаю, какая ориентация у меня проебана больше: в пространстве, во времени или сексуальная.
I’ve learned that from a war ignited by revenge, nothing can be born, but sorrow. --Aladdin (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic) #bot
Splash Mountain with @jxason and company! @ Disney's Magic Kingdom
RT @AjayThiagarajn: Meme magic is real. My god, what a time to be alive #GoldenShowerGate
RT @KUHoops: 🎥: The "Hilton Magic" wands in couldn't stop #kubball last night as the Jayhawks held off Iowa State for a 17th-str…
RT @roohgulzari: Folks in Lahore brace urself 4 Lahore Science Mela where for the first time city will embrace the magic of science.…
RT @AttractionPics: RETWEET if you love the Magic Kingdom! Picture; @faithisajanssen
Why are y'all upset that so many girls are getting pregnant, how else will the next generation get here? Magic?
RT @CycloneATH: ICYMI -- Last night, Hilton Coliseum hosted its 700th game. A few things have changed over the years, but there's…
確かにそこにあったはずなのに、、、、 何回見てもわからない?そんなMagicはこちら。
There is no "magic pill" to make you healthy, but your health can be improved by making some simple changes.
Ancient Chinese proverb: when life get tough and thing get tragic, smoke the weed it fuckin magic
Some of The World's Greatest Magic Tricks Revealed
RT @abtvshows: wizards of waverly place — centers on a family in new york city that owns a restaurant where, behind the scenes, th…