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Anyone inspired by madiba, donate to #NelsonMandela foundation. #LivingTheLegacy of NM
Coming out of the closet. #LoveWins
RT @_Smoh09: @Black_MambaO24 @Fvzyh__ Rather watch midget Gay porn.
@mr_dutsi Block me before 2017 then.
@Ismail_Aysha @mr_dutsi Especially this your bae Dutsi.
@madiba_mntr you're a garbage too, so...
@mr_dutsi @Ismail_Aysha I pray you stop this in 2017 as you try to drop all the garbage behavior behind.
RT @TheRealSinazo: #AnswerLikeSteveKomphela Q:Saw you in a GTI, who'sthat? A: Even Dj Cleo thought Arthur stole his song, but Tata Madiba became President.
El rugby, el deporte que usó Mandela para unir Sudáfrica, grande Madiba Q.E.P.D.
Why would you declare your relationship status in the Dms ???? Some of you fellas have failed Madiba.
RT @NathiMthethwaSA: This concert raised worldwide consciousness of the imprisonment of Madiba and other freedom fighters by the apartheid government.
@Ismail_Aysha I didn't know it was going to turn out this way. Apologies.😂
RT @LosPsoe: El Centro de Mediación "MADIBA" Organiza este maravilloso encuentro, donde se podrá degustar un espectacular "Roscó…
RT @ElNnenyM: Don't know the type of liquor and weed these footballers used to smoke on Christmas back in the days.
RT @NyiraLydieMUFC: Need Sunderland to be annihilated today. Hate that club, and hate their manager even more. Sick of him speaking crap. Kill them @ManUtd
RT @UnitedStandMUFC: David Moyes preparing his team for today. #MUFC
RT @UnitedStandMUFC: Liverpool fans tweeting this image....You've spent over a billion since 1990 & not won the title😂 #MUFC