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Classic Sesame Street - Grover and Madeline Kahn
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RT @drewphilips_: MADELINE @ayexmadeline BOUGHT US A CAMEO FROM NIKKI WOW
RT @whoisluka: but also, jay z and beyonce just had a black man getting his afro picked at the louvre infront of the actual mona lisa.
RT @IntergalacticQ: Ever since I found out cats don't meow to other cats, that's just some shit they learned to manipulate humans and m…
RT @leahbullock_8: a tragedy: when your hair-wash cycle doesn't coordinate w/ an event & you overestimate the amount of time in which…
Dudes. Bono just namechecked Madeline Albright (sitting right behind me) in”Beautiful Day”—“see Madeline Albright r…
RT @Tallsquall: Please Share. I had NO idea. I probably assumed a "fake" service dog that was not trained. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE
The research shows that when you expand your mind it doesn't go back. Life is amazing. Don't watch what others ar…
RT @iamwilliewill: “So tell me about yourself.”
RT @whichoedipus: Imagine writing poems like this and thinking yourself good enough to post shit like that
Madeline Albright just made it into a @U2 song. #greatnessland
“Madeline Albright right in front of you.” #U2eitour
And the name check goes to...Madeline Albright
Name-check Madeline Albright!
@madeline_r0se All from the heart! Have a good night love😇💖
@sirenshaven girl these are so dope & beautiful !
RT @sirenshaven: 🌺ATTENTION ALL MERMAIDS🌺 This is going to be a thread of all the items I have available all handmade by me😇 paypal…
RT @tropicodelrey: which lana del rey music video is this?
aw that’s means so much to me thank you (‘: 💓