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You may be excited and uneasy at the same time today, not quit... More for Taurus
I really regret eating 2 rounds of food haha tomorrow lunch better take lesser- Today had all 3 meals of the day orz what is weight
RT @cwood: Serious question: which well-funded Austin startup is the best place for a sales manager to join today? #askingforafriend
RT @TVCommentBot: And the 21 million plates who still suffer avocado today.
What game is @Lagby_com enjoying today? Check him out at #notoriousnetwrk via @Beam
You may be excited and uneasy at the same time today, not quit... More for Taurus
RT @moneggii: apparently jooheon lost his ring at today's mucore recording and minhyuk and changkyun were looking for it for him together 🍯 🐶 🐺
RT @CanadiensMTL: Le code #Club1909 du jour. / Today's #Club1909 code. TW-ECHECAVANT
I have a behind the wheel lesson today and they haven't canceled yet 🙃
RT @imSaffronBarker: What's everybody doing today then?🙈
Wow twitter hacked by a latvian porn ring! if i asked you for a date or proposed marriage - sorry not going to happen.....Today!
RT @Juhlissah: I'm not feeling today at all I'm just looking forward to my nap after school
Today: Manchester, United Kingdom - Oct 24 at Pub Zoo
RT @WillHomewood: Gonna record the video to go with my cover today ☺️☺️
RT @May_Wolff: Kik £35 today only No gift card, no reply lmao Maywolffxoxo@gmail via Amazon. TheRealMissMayWolff @cashpointmeets…
RT @_ToddStone: Hey #Rockets fans -- don't miss our season preview in today's Chronicle. Great stuff by @Jonathan_Feigen,…
RT @Gurmeetramrahim: Thousands of seekers learnt true method of meditation today. keys of houses & wheelchairs distributed 2 needies.…
Mrs Sewell has so many kids working today including a student getting the super pencil for great sentences!
RT @juneorellana: Okay everyone at school seems to be confused about today's testing schedule, get it together
Join a fun & social workforce today at #HollywoodBowling as a Reception Team member! #RochesterKent
TheCoffeeShop: Today's special in the bio.... #coffee #java. #coffee
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ pa, you are really really cool today 😆😆
RT @PeterTerry3: Having spent a few long hours in the presence of Hlaudi Motsoeneng today I can confirm that everything you heard about him is true. #Bizarre
Volatile emotional dynamics can set your nerves on edge today.... More for Virgo
RT @michaelbuble: Michael's on @KellyLive this week! Tune in at 9am starting today for a performance & 3 days co-hosting the show.