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If only Mac Dre was still here 😪
OLD SCHOOL HIPHOP PIC Vallejo's humble beginnings. Imo it went on to become the city in the states with the most do…
RT @S_C_: Shit ...Wayne , Juve BG Nipsey . Kim . Slaughterhouse (yes mouse too ha) Folarin MC eiht . Short . 40 . Mac dre this shit hard .Never mind
@LilBirdmanRG Right nobody even knows who the real kuddy Mac Dre was smh
The most loved Mac ain’t even Mac Miller. It’s Mac Dre so cut the bullshit
Mac dre playing and NOBODY going dumb ??? Disrespectful
I’m watching the FashionNovaxCardiB live stream for her collection which is in LA and y’all they started playing Ba…
You really a real 1 for this... Mac Dre is the GOAT
FOSR 101 FM #NowPlaying Mac Dre - Thizzle Dance Tune in now!!! #FOSR 101 FM APP…
@Kehlani Listening to mac dre always helps