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RT @IBJIYONGI: Manafort is going to overwhelm Mueller with evidence on other people https://t.co/4zzd8aVyGg
RT @JackPosobiec: Mueller's team hasn't even tried to contact Julian Assange at all in their investigation which centers on Julian Assange. Let that sink in
RT @asamjulian: Special counsel Mueller has officially obtained the Russian Facebook ads from the 2016 election. 😱 What a joke this investigation is! 😂
RT @rbb24: Wieder hat sich #Pogida-Müller durch FB-Posts verraten. Er sitzt im Knast in #Spanien und wird bald ausgeliefert. https://t.co/xSkqZiDBCO
RT @RealJack: 99.81% of the donations from Mueller's law firm went to Hillary Clinton. It's undeniably a political witch hunt. https://t.co/Wyq7i97QlB
@robreiner Isn't the Mueller investigation non-partisan?
@karolag19 Ich wünsche ebenfalls einen schönen Tag. Beste Grüße Dr. Jurik Müller
RT @CNN: Exclusive: Mueller’s team is reaching back 11 years in its investigation of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort… https://t.co/NOSx8UNXvn
Müller es el culpable de que Coutinho no fuera al Barça https://t.co/Wc9QaypJ4N https://t.co/UgfISI17Wt
RT @joncoopertweets: 🔥🔥🔥 Word on the street is that MULTIPLE indictments in Robert Mueller's #TrumpRussia investigation are forthcoming! https://t.co/Ytk15XfFBK
Facebook Gave Mueller More Details on Russian Ad Buys Than Congress #Technology
RT @ByronYork: CNN: FBI agents broke into Manafort's home with guns drawn. https://t.co/gBKrBC2eu7 https://t.co/LtUr9jUdsC
RT @yashar: NEW: Special Counsel Mueller’s office interviewed Rod Rosenstein about Comey’s firing https://t.co/pG7iKYa6vb
RT @PolticsNewz: Mueller's office interviewed Deputy AG Rosenstein about his role in Comey firing https://t.co/GnbHl2bzPz https://t.co/RNUXJFcuZx
RT @olgaNYC1211: Mueller looking into Manafort's past 11 years.. Know what else happened 11 years ago? Manafort moved into Trump Mob… https://t.co/IpNMAh0iyQ
RT @avanconia: See the pattern? BHO admin's endless lies constitute an attack directly on @POTUS. #SEDITION #WireTap #RussiaGate… https://t.co/v6szpfV1lo
Trump's New Solicitor General Could Fire Russia Investigator Robert Mueller https://t.co/0PgqdwdlvD via @yahoo
RT @woodruffbets: Important thing for people following Trump/Russia stuff to remember: We aren't getting information on the Mueller probe in real time
@JackPosobiec Mueller believes he's above the law, dig deep, find out everything about this guy and bring down the giants.
RT @WithMyPrez4Ever: Why are we paying Mueller wages? He needs to recuse himself! https://t.co/4zs12sOCjH
RT @AdamParkhomenko: With Manafort wiretap revelations I imagine quite a few people suddenly thought of things they should come forward to Mueller with.
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Mueller is heading up one of the most consequential investigations of our lifetime, of which not a single DREAMer has been named a target.
RT @riotwomennn: Mueller looking into whether Russia placed Manafort inside Trump campaign & did Manafort handpick Pence as VP? https://t.co/q5CPhIfVeJ
RT @JackPosobiec: Mueller's team hasn't even tried to contact Julian Assange at all in their investigation which centers on Julian Assange. Let that sink in