M.Joko Lukito

I used to play this FUCKIN great game on my old iPod and for the life of me I can't remember what it's called
mdr l'ipod de leo il est bloqué pendant 46 ans
@Macaron03Candy あー!私もiPod買い換えたい!!てかあいぽんの容量増やしてiPod卒業したい。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。高いもんはなかなか勇気出ないよね💸💸
Que mi nombre sea la contraseña de su ipod #Noporquemeenamoro. Jajajajajaajaj
モイ!iPod touchからキャス配信中 - https://t.co/ytbiUmW7iX
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モイ!iPod touchからキャス配信中 - / ひまぽ https://t.co/tonkWx6uPO
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Je iPod op shuffle zetten & toch elk liedje overslaan op zoek naar dat ene nummer...
Loaded @theweeknd album on my IPod and it knocked all my other music off. Or was it that update? #ugh
Oh my goodness!!! I just looked at my iPod and, look! I got 10+ followers!!!! Thanks so much guys! https://t.co/eDmaeQdWq1
RT @bleuaine2000: Les photos et les screen de conversation que je retrouve dans mon ipod franchement c'est pépite
Icicle this morning. Watching movies eating popcorn in a toilet paper fort and yes that is a Gen 2 ipod that still works lol.
Se il mio iPod potesse parlare sono sicuro che mi direbbe "ma una canzone allegra ogni tanto no?"
Les photos et les screen de conversation que je retrouve dans mon ipod franchement c'est pépite
Finding gems like @LoveableRogues on your old ipod playlist 👏👏 absolutely love them
extraño mi ipod como lo pude hacer tan mierda? pobrecito
iOS 10.1.1: Get Screen Recorder for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch FREE (NO JA... https://t.co/s85f2n24bG via @YouTube
@kiaspeaks lol. "Oh yeah" randomly popped up on my iPod last night. It was fresh on my mind
Thinking about just putting on my iPod and listen to music until I fall asleep, not like I've got something better to do tbh.