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hello ereryone

@dstuart Thanks for your tweet, David. We are unable to confirm that the movie won’t cut. Let us know how you go. :)
@aliaa08 Dear Tauji .... ye naam sahi rahega is movie k liye ....shahrukh as tauji n alia as bhateeji :) woohoo 🌸🌟🌷🌹
@FranchisseUy Hahaha sige lang kay gina tingnan ko rin ang trailer sa youtube. pagnagustuhan DL. :P . mas boring walang movie
Favorite part of the movie!! @Michelle Wanstreet and @taylor Morris :) Thought you'd enjoy this
@kunfaaya some one told @vivekagnihotri to give his opinion against #JNU and he made a movie :)) you can knw to wht extent he can go.
RT @calicut_sfc: Movie Alert : @Suriya_offl & @trishtrashers starring Superhit movie #Aaru today @ 7pm on #KiranTv :)
@punkystarfish @gargunzola think my couch is better :P Glad the movie was good tho - made it worth it;) p.s. BRIDGET JONES IS LIFE.
Loved Lay even more after watching the movie :D
@like_keyboard 안녕하세요 유플릭스 무비입니다. <슈퍼내츄럴 시즌 11>은 현재 편성일정이 나오지 않았습니다. 이후 편성되는대로 공유드리도록 하겠습니다. 많은 관심 감사드립니다 :)
@OHMYRICHARD plenty of references to the old games that I got too, which was cool. :) but I liked the ice age movie a little more
the name of W omo ep1 palang aku. inuuna ko kasi yung movie ng isang asawa ku c Baek :)
@BlurayReporter saw this movie earlier this week and was surprised on how good it was !:)
@BlurayReporter another great disney movie. We look fwd to owning it also :)
RT @Zedd: My True Colors Documentary is FINALLY AVAILABLE on iTunes!!! GET IT HERE: :)))
@VivaciousVids @malllige Movie ge break kottu nataka nodak banni. Thursday, ADA Rangamandira 7:30 PM. Naanu act maadta idini. :)
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@Jasjourno :) I am lucky..I ve reviewed a African n one Spanish no local strings attached!!
#SilverJubileeSurgicalStr only songs r missing in there imaginary strike theory n then they can release it as movie :)
@GeneTForEver the film is black and white.The pic is one from pinterest from the movie but in colour.just liked the pic.:)
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Meanwhile cash hating romantic movie Forever alone :)
RT @WFSCBC: MOVIE TIME :) Blondie and Dagwood. (1938) «youtube» MajGen.DM.Walking:#1stBadmoon...