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RT @booknerdfession: “And it’s hard to hate someone once you understand them.” — Lucy Christoper, Stolen: A Letter to My Captor
RT @fifthorgajsms: These fraud clothes that promotes Lucy are so dope i want
Monday Night 2 on 2 Beachvolleyball - Division 1/2: Ben & lucy beat Adam & Mike (2 - 1)
RT @hales_world_: All Lucy has to do is breathe and she's in the wrong😡 like seriously? Leave the poor woman alone she didn't do anything
@TheTimelessRoom Ok, crazy question: is the lost pilot possibly Lucy's sister from another timeline. Looks a lot like Lucy. #crazyidea
RT @meganryan44: Uh. What the heck just happened? Lucy turning into a shooter? @abigailspencer @NBCTimeless #Timeless
Monday Night 2 on 2 Beachvolleyball - Division 1/2: Nic & Bud beat Ben & lucy (2 - 1)
RT @hot_ladies69: Lucy Mecklenburgh everyone! 😍🔥RT if you would bang!
Lucy-saan buenos dias! - justo vino unos segundos para ver si había alguien con vida-
(To Lucy) thank you for taking care of me in the past.
RT @bustersmith6: Just to start the week off right You can't go wrong with Lucy Pinder 😉🔥
RT @BasedLumpkin: 80% cause by that point on Lucy her aaa was doing crazy stuff😂
Lee Burrows raised over £10k in memory of his sister, Stacey, and Lucy Pygott. Great stuff Lee, well done from...