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RT @Mafi_tier: 21日の御茶ノ水LUCYソウルキャリバー6対戦会 参加人数は現在14人です。新規メインのオフなのでキャリバーに興味ある方は是非!
RT @PinkDaisyHeart: Agent Taylor Swift, I mean Lucy, is so adorable in her outfit this episode. Interesting dynamic on the mission with…
RT @RenewTimeless: #Timeless in 100 Scenes - No. 25 Every now and then you want a breather from plots and ships and just want to see t…
RT @celebrated: No Juicy Lucy 🍔 But MFs Always Get Wrapped Up In Beef Over Some Cheese 😯💯
RT @chuokyo_pope: 神のことばを聞くことでわたしたちは、自分自身の最善を人のために尽くす勇気と忍耐を手に入れます #教皇 #法王 #カトリック #キリスト教 #神のことば
RT @hangrace08: praying for someone is the purest form of love
선팔 할때는 선멘! 꼭 기억해줘-!
RT @goodmedicine4us: #QArmyTrain 🇺🇸 🐼@goodmedicine4us 🐼@ChapulinColoRed 👩‍✈️@luvnewinfo 👩‍✈️@stand4honor 🦅@RNRMontana 🦅@DPiper28 🦅…
Found a Transponder Snail! Lucy Vs. Don Chin Jao! Who'll be victorious in Block C? #TreCru
i was reading yt comments about edmund and about him being the brains of he pevensies (while susan is the common se…
RT @agirlinthepark: BTS on President Moon Jae In’s Instagram #PCAs #TheSong #IDOL #BTS⁠ ⁠ @BTS_twt
RT @quenblackwell: fall leaves: *rustle in the wind* kaitlin bennett: you know i carry right?
RT @jinstantnoodles: SHSHDJD joons reaction every time jin does his Thing on interviews
RT @NotBuyingIt34: Make this go viral please! This goes viral and FB will be toast! This man gave up his safety and security to lay…
RT @GretchenClayson: Let's just take a moment and remember that Wyatt Logan is the man who tried to cut through the bunker door to go fi…
@tutuyufdsa じ、地獄ですね。。。 でも、大事に至らず良かったです☺️☺️ あ、確かにしびれとか体の内側からとかあります!! なるべく経験したくないものです😱😱
Ahak aning Lucy title sa salida na ge tanaw sa room oy nya mao say ngan nimo
@abys_lucy 送ります(⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)