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RT @RcortezReyes: Mañana recorreré con 5 buenos amigos y mis dos perritas, el potrero que me falta, todos lo de buen corazón recen pa…
RT @mimithenerdd: i’m not going to beg any white cosplayer to address racism in the cosplay community.. they’ll address every other i…
카페 가서 뭐 마시고 싶은데 그럼 파판할 돈이 없다 점심 안 먹고 존버할수밖에
RT @DjGabrieldoB: Tá aí a prova família compartilhem ❤️ não sou eu nem a lucy no vídeo compartilhem “importante”
RT @minsugacheonye: Intenten negarme que no gritaron de adorabilidad en esta escena Inténtenlo porque no van a poder
@Sen_sen_10000 크고도 아름다워라는 bl웹툰이 생각나네요 딱 여장 연상공이 나오거든요
RT @AskAnshul: Kerala MLA called rape victim Nun a Prostitute Feminists: 😴😴 Church threatens to expel Nun Lucy who stood against…
@Lucy_7_0_7 이럴 때 치킨 뜯어줘야...(치킨소리 그만해)
Cawi y Lucy son las únicas que me dan bola en los hilos de Joey y Chandler
RT @minsugacheonye: Voy a subir la película de Burn the stage en media fire para que la puedan descargar y ver cuando quieran Esta bien ???
matty knew exactly what he was doing when he took this pic with timothée
Uh! I can't stop myself sharing those Madam Lucy's post. ^.^
@stk39ao それ暖かくなりそう!また死にかけたらやってみる!
RT @myfairylucy: i only want 4 things in life: -hold joe’s hand -be rami and lucy’s child -kiss gwilym -get choked by ben
@80_Noel_08 정확히 언제 피방 갈지 모르겠는데 그때면..이미 아씨엔 때렸을것 같기도 하고 (흠터) 시간보고 문자 줄까?
RT @gloriapeligrosa: I wonder who my mother would be if her life did not revolve around caring for others, making sacrifices for others.…
RT @treintona_cl: por qué le dicen "lider" al kkast? tiene algo que ver con la Lucy Anal?
my Lucy girl lovinnn on her giraffe 🖤
@LucyMPowell Lucy, I keep asking why you and others werent pushing this in 2016? good luck of course, but why has i…
RT @imastupidrich: je croyais vraiment que j’étais le seul ... c’est visiblement un problème dont on parle pas assez alors !!!!!