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Glover: ‘Blackmore kan beter onder eigen naam optreden’ #ARROWTV #Rock #RogerGlover
RT @TrashyeWest: when Donald Glover sees Childish Gambino
Love how even an international cricketer looks to blame something or someone when they drop a sitter...just like when a 3rd grader #ashwin
@glover_zac Fox/Monk are NCAA ready. Lonzo is NBA ready
@DougDennis41 made a bunch of moves in my other NL-only expert last night. Someone blew over half his budget on Glover.
RT @bbcdoctorwho: Many happy returns to Richard the Lionheart and Scaroth, the last of the Jagaroth - Julian Glover! 🎂 #DoctorWho
RT @DWOnThisDay: Happy Birthday to Julian Glover who played Richard the Lionheart in The Crusade & Count Scarlioni in City of Death.
Good read on Glover in The Japan Times by Michael Gardiner, who also wrote about Glover in At the Edge of Empire…
donald glover, renaissance man
i’m so incredibly and profoundly infatuated with donald glover
RT @RoyalSocBio: Undergrad? You could receive up to £300pw to work on a plant health project at @FeraScience this summer…
Here's one for the battlers in NQ....especially you @JellsRant #CycloneDebbie
Lone Tree at Winter Sunset, by Ronnie Glover - - #RonnieGlover
RT @lourdehannah: I want Donald Glover to hold me & tell me everything will be okay
Impressive. Donald Glover & Reggie Watts Make Music
RT @DanGlover1: These mountains are tattooed into my psyche. Come along with me and get lost in them. Apache Nation by Dan Glover…
@kathlyndarling @DWfan9 @Beckah74 The Crusade is *so* good. Track it down! Glover and Jean Marsh are both fantastic in it.