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RT @CockJokes: I went to the chemist to get some lube. "We don't have any. Have you tried Boots?" I want to glide in, not fucking march in!
Spunk Lube Now In Stock - Fells And Looks Like Real Spunk - #GayToys
*jerry seinfeld voice* Why is there a flavor of vape juice called “Heaven’s Lube”??? Is it THAT hard to get into Heaven?? *badum tss*
All y’all boys pussy I put some lube on it
#BTSXFAMILYFEUD Steve: What is something a man might put on his meatballs? Jimin: Lube Steve:
So i found a used lube in the drawer of my new rent house 🙂 fml that bed better be free from any body fluids. The prev tenant was girls tho
RT @vinitmasram: Baba Ramdev is just being lazy now. How come we still don't have Ayurvedic Condoms? At least, maybe a lube, like Pa…
"...I'll get the lube.."
Don’t fly @united unless you wanna get fucked with no lube. 🤦‍♂️😂
does the general public not know what a fucking courtesy flush is?
RT @kellydieter: So this happened... he's up close! Keith Urban!!! #keithurban #graffiti @ Jiffy Lube Live
RT @Jackdaw_Ruiz: love my job at Jiffy Lube where i make sure every car with a Trump bumper sticker gets changed out with soy oil, dr…
Had our celebrant over for dinner. She thought that we had the same moisturiser... but it was our lube.
People ask me, where is the famous @BaconNEds food truck jiffylubelive? Here we are! @ Jiffy Lube Live
I be like fuck em fuck em! Bring the lube in!
@RobProvince There's only 3 of these left... who ordered the rest?
RT @RayRockyDog: Hey @Coles can you bring out the following minis. Winnie Blues, Bottle Of Lube, an iceberg lettuce that’s been sitt…
So this happened... he's up close! Keith Urban!!! #keithurban #graffiti @ Jiffy Lube Live
RT @iamwinston7: @DLoesch @yoda Do you use gun oil as lube?
RT @archerwolf126: Just in case you ever wondered what 5 US gallons (19L) of lube looks like all in one place.
RT @Mr_Mokgoroane: ‘Lube and more lube. Always more lube.’ — @drtlaleng