@sportsandra @steakshapiro @BFinn86 with Dmitroff at the helm you never count on draft picks. would trade for a proven player.
RT @JDCmusic: @sportsandra @BFinn86 i'm still salty that we could be watching Todd Gurley in a Falcons uniform instead of Vic Beasley. #draftfail
@BFinn86 @steakshapiro @sportsandra how about how slow Sanu looked too. Even Collinsworth called him out. what a terrible signing.
#atlvscar bloodbath. Go hawks?
@lsberg12 get on it! And (almost) everyone is back
@Alexbrannon what?! I didn't even see that. Fails all Around
@lsberg12 but we got to see the Independence Day 2 trailer so you know that's a positive
#atlvscar embarrassing performance so far falcs. Thanks from the fans