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RT @NASA: Our moon hit by surprising number of of small meteoroids, something future lunar base designs will have to consider…
Mr.こってり麵清乃で和歌山ラーメンRED 見た目より食べやすかった
Mi decisión más difícil del día: Jabón líquido o jabón en polvo 🙄 yujuuuu la vida de adulto!! 😒
@enjoyphoenix pourrais tu nous donner le fond d'écran " fall in love " je le trouve pas 😊stp
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As for atmosphere carpet sweeper services: lro
RT @LandRoverOwner: Ever wondered what we get up to with our Land Rovers? You can find our latest adventures here. #LandRover…
LRO findings: Moon smacked continually; this means the Earth is TOO!
@Lro_xoxo you can thank all the assholes that ruin decorations on someone else's properties!
Dor ga kr lro maro mera sar q kha rahy
RT @yutamacaron: さて、とーでも良い無駄知識を。フランス語で声優は「comédien(ne) de doublure」と言う。いいか、ちゃんとcomédienってつけて言わないとダメだぞー
RT @sugorokuya: 実際にJPOPを流しながら、歌詞中の「君」「きっと」「世界」などのよく出てきそうな単語カードをカルタ取りする、話題のカードゲーム『狩歌』を9/16より発売します。
Como quieres que te olvide si cada vez que te empiezo a olvid|r te vu.lro a recordar
RT @BillPostOregon: You mean the non partisan unbiased "propaganda" from LRO? I'll have to remember that at revenue statement time.
sos un gato masss
Partiu desabafa e chora LRO Jéferson sorte a minha ter ele 😔😔