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Not only are you loyal you're patient with me
RT @ForeverBad___: Just want somebody I can love on and they NEVER get tired of me & always stay loyal to ME 💙
RT @MetrroBoomin: Loyal to those who are loyal to me
RT @HarrisJOfficial: Singapore you so beautiful and JJ's I love that I keep meeting you guys everywhere I go. YOU LOYAL😍❤️
RT @IARedneckChick: Push me against the wall Pull my hair Grab my throat Tell me I'm yours THAT'S IT. THAT'S ALL YOU GOTTA DO. I'LL BE LOYAL. IS THAT SO HARD?
RT @MadamLucyMo: Sorry pero loyal talaga kami sa isa't isa ng asawa ko @imtylermata mwah! MAYWARD TwinnierificFriday #PBBDobleTensyon
RT @Lucy__Vixen: https://t.co/jl36IOyAyA for @weiros 💕💕💕 and all my loyal @see_snaps Subscribers. Come see the whole big pants dance… https://t.co/HyhzGntysY
Their loyal producer Slow Rabbit cried aww :(
RT @AussieGrit: I'm shattered... yesterday it was time for our incredibly loyal Simba to leave us. RIP Simby. 😢💔 #mymate https://t.co/2QKWJuHqqU
RT @slavetarn: #footworship #slave #findom #domme #mistress #paypig foot worship wanted with someone today will pay well :) I'm a loyal slave
RT @daddyrycky_: You like J. Cole? Great. You don't like J. Cole ? Great. Why is the fucking pissing contest necessary to prove who's the biggest loyal fan?
RT @Luke5SOSloljoke: retweet if you'll be here for 6 years of 5sos? Who's loyal #5YearsOf5SOS
RT @_THExD0GFATHER_: @MGWV_APP 💢RETWEET 💢IF 💢YOU 💢FOLLOWBACK 💢#MGWV ⇩THEY⇩💯⇩DO⇩ @tfb_frosch @IndieGamerRT @iarafranchi @LuisMiguelClav1
RT @AnthoonyGarcia2: I'm loyal as fuck
RT @AboutVirgos: #Virgos are very loyal and warm and sensitive towards the one they love.
@tallguytony yes!!! Hell, at this point I don't care if he's loyal! Hahah
RT @VictoriaMahoney: Industry wants to understand how #QueenSugar caught such loyal aud out the gate;bcuz every1 involved knew it was a show for us/to us&by us.
RT @Mphumzi_Non: Alcohol is that loyal partner you need in a relationship. https://t.co/jF4bjPEKT4
RT @deeejae_: like em skinny, chocolate, loyal & all about me😏
RT @Gorgeoustav_: If she loyal you better deal with whatever she come with attitude & all. Don't shit good come easy & loyalty is rare in my city🙌🏾💯