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We had been talking about the possibility of it, but theres a person out there im v loyal too and the moment she asks for me back ill go
RT @WildeOscarCat: LOYAL LOVE SUKI is TIMID, & misses pal and home! PLEASE SAVE SUKI (& pal Ebony too if u can) #NYC #cats #deathrow… https://t.co/EC61k9dceU
Yeah i got a wolf. And he loyal.
not loyal ain't cool
Never been with someone who's genuinely loyal
RT @KeleCharisma: otlare boyfriend ya Gago e loyal kante ba mo gana😜😂😂😂
RT @iamwilliewill: If this ain't the most accurate shit I've seen all day 😂 https://t.co/cxva2Ql5gK
RT @SirPareshRawal: Rohingya - we can help them but can't have them .It will be a catastrophic mistake.
RT @Bri_annaa_: Not caring & treating ppl who care about you like shit DOES NOT make you cool. Effort is cool. Caring is cool. Being loyal is cool. Try it
RT @AdorableWords: It costs $0.00 to be loyal It costs $0.00 to be consistent It costs $0.00 to be honest
RT @SirPareshRawal: Rohingya should not rely on anyone as Islam is a religion of Brotherhood so all the Islamic countries would stand by them ! Just ask them !
RT @HumorAcademys: -oioi 협찬나눔- LOYAL CREW SLOGAN JUMPER_ <green,red> ✨조건 ✅본게시글 "RT" ✅위게시글 "RT" 당발:협찬자의 요청으로 9월22일 금요일 (9월22일 출고예정)… https://t.co/9aJ9yFTzsG
RT @personaler_de: #Fachkräfte sind #loyal, wenn #Arbeitsklima, #Wertschätzung, #Worklifebalance und #Karrierechancen stimmen. https://t.co/mKokSak9DZ
"never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care."
RT @Tarke1Tarke: @realDonaldTrump seem to know more on #Cameroon than @USEmbYaounde more loyal to French Gangsta regime #bribery #FreeSouthernCameroons #UNGA
RT @ItsHimOla: Not everyone is meant to be loyal to you. Some are meant to come along & remind you to watch the company you keep.
RT @RealJamesWoods: I know and love @DollyParton. We worked together for months on #StraightTalk. She is a great, loyal, stand-up Ameri… https://t.co/WH0wMWtksr
@owwsiccc Loyal
RT @Villadejuan: Then & now ur love & loyalty to fans has been loyal & steadfast. #PushAwardsKathNiels KB #LaLunaSangreFaceOff… https://t.co/wRgLh5DePs
RT @plussixty3: Apples let's all be cautious in tweeting and commenting MOST ESP IN IG. So as not to spark up any hate from loyal vips and dara stans.
RT @rahul2277_: अब भारत के लोग हमें वोट नही देते है तो हम रोहिंग्या मुसलमानों को बसाकर उनका वोट लेंगे..! ~ सम्पूर्ण विपक्ष @SirPareshRawal
Brand loyal shoppers spend more - valuable market not to be ignored says @KWP_UK Fraser McKevitt #solidgrowth17 https://t.co/LhW8a0YXod
RT @_NotYovrBAE: Ever notice after a breakup the loyal one stays single & deals with the damages until healed. The cheater is already in another relationship
@milktaaee Omg smh im so loyal to jungkook 😭