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RT @rachieboo: does real love actually exist asking for a friend
Todo lo que quiero para Navidad es a ti. (Love Actually) #PeliculasNavideñas
"No quiero algo que necesite..., quiero algo que quiera" Love Actually
"No quiero algo que necesite... Quiero algo que quiera." Love Actually
I just wanna know how love is our love actually
Love Actually Sequel: The Line-Up
RT @whatfathachi: おお!「ラブ・アクチュアリー」続編! 早速セットフォトがあがってきましたよ!(今週より撮影スタート) リーアム・ニーソン、トーマス・サングスター編 昨日の2/16 ロンドンで撮影 ↓こちらにたくさん写真(40枚以上)が…
@scottEweinberg 🎵Daddy why did you eat my fries?🎵 Marcelline is the best. Her voice actress was the little girl singer from Love Actually!
Spent my night writing motions and watching Love Actually. That movie is so adorable.
Love actually is so good lmao
RT @akshaykumar: Story reading followed by some ice-cream eating! Fun afternoon with these little ones 😁Love actually is all around…
One of my favs of all time is Love Actually 1 :) I am so having a musical funeral... heads up... #haters don't hold…
Yo: No va a salir Alan Rickman en la otra de Love Actually. Porque se murió. Mamá: Por infiel.
I'm the worst girl. I'd rather watch Saving Private Ryan than Love Actually.