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Somewhat workaday trailer with Bill Nighy still in Love Actually mode...blink and you will miss the title....
love feeling like someone I love actually hates me :))))))
@antanddec Just watched Love Actually again ......"Yes it is, Ant or Dec"...funniest line EVER !! #neverfailstomakemelaugh's so tacky when people leave their Love Actually think-pieces up past January 12th.
@SasukeEmpire the dream or love that lies in the deepest of their heart proves that the ones they love actually never die..
RT @victorkamang: Love Actually (2003) | Director: Richard Curtis | DoP: Michael Coulter
Watching Love Actually as I never had time to at Christmas... crying my eyes out, bloody illness and hormones #postbaby 🤧😭
RT @SJH2989: Happy Xmas eve, today i have watched the muppets and the holiday just die hard and love actually to go!
Sono passate le feste e io non ho ancora rivisto Love actually 😱
@t25034 @kassieyaah love actually do trumps hate, but only real love, not faked ;P
「いい? 誤解しないで聞いて 私は男が好きよ アンタの恋人じゃないし 当然結婚もしない これから死ぬまでアンタとクリスマスを迎える気だって ない でも…きょ…今日は私がいるじゃない love actually is all around よ」アサイ『木根さんの1人でキネマ』
Silence has to be love-filled. Love actually inspires and moves all things towards their original freedom and happiness.
My boyfriend saw this and has informed me I actually did watch Love Actually on Christmas Day. Do not trust anythin…
RT @AnndraADunn: "don't hate, love!" actually, do hate. hate the obscene ideology that drove this attack, which targets the vulnerable & anyone on their side
@WH_RamsayBolton @WH_Ros_ love actually is, feeling loved for the first time and caring about somebody else and showing it for the first-
@nomorewhite It's Wosskow. And yes, when I interview men, I add details about their life too. That one has v little.
La seule fois où un mec m'a embrassée de force c'est parce qu'il a cru que sa vie ca allait être Love Actually