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📣IN JUST 3 DAYS we have The Indie Theatre ‘Love Actually’ coming to #Nottingham 📣 #DripTheMusical is about synchro…
เคยดู Love Actually มาแล้วรอบนึงแต่ดูไม่จบ มาดูอีกรอบเพิ่งรู้ว่าเป็น Martin Freeman โอยพ่อออออ
@CWSSuperFan @CALfornia_Love Actually studies have shown that is incorrect. The US school system is so out dated th…
@CamilleL_R 1. La couleur des sentiments 2. Love actually 3. The notebook Voilaaa 😊
@DietJay listening to old episodes I missed. Finishing Love Actually. Important question. I’m curious if you consid…
Estoy viendo love actually por primera vez. Así de temprano llego a todo
vmin is the only proof that true love actually exists
Love actually being from the 757 all my family there so I don’t gotta worry about this hotel hassle for CBW 😌
i’m legitimately tearing up bc as someone who’s expected to perform i’ve had to back out or flat out refuse bc its…
@SongWarmonger I believe I wrote the Love Actually piece in that issue of Premiere.
@MsMollyRachael The Notebook. Truly Madly Deeply. Love Actually
@MsMollyRachael Love Actually When Harry Met Sally.…
@MsMollyRachael Serendipity, Love Actually, Jerry Maguire, The Notebook, Ever After
Love actually creates a third being - the "we". This is the being that lovers have to value and protect.
love actually tiene un desenlace un poco lento pero los ultimos minutos con todas las historias en su climax y con…
a sequel to love actually called "well, actually" and it's a bunch of straight white men mansplaining the plot of "love actually".
Trailer Love Actually 2 👍 😂😂😂😂 👇