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This said, he slaughter’d straight a white-fleec’d sheep;
@realDonaldTrump you have done a lot since you been president your voters have stood by you,fault for you ,dont sal… https://t.co/Wmq4I75uaH
If @CharmandrSaurus was my little brother I'd slaughter our entire clan and leave him alive to resent me and become… https://t.co/sUqMwc7kHO
RT @WWA_Awareness: Another year and another slaughter as Canada's commercial seal hunt is just days away. #AnimalRights #SealHunt… https://t.co/KNcbcjbrQG
.@WindstarCruises please Boycott #FaroeIslands until the brutal slaughter of Pilot whales ends! https://t.co/TB7nEhFPTY #OpKillingbay #EU
RT @Freedom4Horses: That's why were seeing so many BLM Mustangs in kill pens in Texas & Louisiana. BLM removes the horses from the rang… https://t.co/AUGiSMdKZ7
RT @animalrights_JP: 【署名】厚生労働省 - と畜場での残酷な行為を廃止してください https://t.co/H0qS7MrK25https://t.co/0gEp7fBDOD
RT @veggie2vegan: She is alive and conscious calling 4 help while going thru the slaughter process. Many animals survive the slaughte… https://t.co/hj9WNzKEAx
RT @RationalGent: 30 years ago we had nuclear weapons Today our 'leaders' brutalize us in the streets & call for our slaughter here… https://t.co/F0UcRWkl2L
RT @MilHistNow: On this day in 1622, several dozen unarmed Powhatan warriors infiltrate England's settlement at Jamestown, Virgini… https://t.co/lUa4rLLDFa
RT @HouseCracka: It's better to shut the government down and get on television and you tell the American people that you're not goin… https://t.co/hlk62WxyAt
@joycie01 The best example of mind controlled lemmings since the invention of television. Lambs to the slaughter. T… https://t.co/gU2nUktUvq
@joyceJo49834475 @Nadiafo68846427 @GelstonLamb "Meat"is a decaying flesh of an animal who wanted to live but was k… https://t.co/YAFEI7wZnu
They are worried about development lights and the turtles not the open slaughter here in Bundaberg https://t.co/rPmpJcN9Mr
RT @RationalGent: 30 years ago we had nuclear weapons Today our 'leaders' brutalize us in the streets & call for our slaughter here… https://t.co/F0UcRWkl2L
@Trevornoah The same way big cattle will never allow illegal immigrants to be walled off from entering the states.… https://t.co/V4vYqTwWEE
In casa @Virtusbo si inizia a pensare al rinnovo per Marcus Slaughter https://t.co/jBxyAwWqVb
RT @AnimalsAngelsUS: Won't you speak out for the horses? NO horse deserves the horrific fate that awaits them in the slaughter pipeline.… https://t.co/I6ipfVXhsC
RT @Aramaithea: The grandson of one of the masterminds of the 1972 slaughter of eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Summer Olympi… https://t.co/oCeN966ERT
@BootstrapCook It will be brilliant to see a pro compassion story on the show which promotes so much exploitation.… https://t.co/RHYLsuU1Sc
RT @OkKelly22: Bacon Dogs Alcohol Bikinis Music Dancing Education Toilet paper Freedom Dating Sunbathing Women’s faces Women’s hai… https://t.co/bztmbZtn9D
@CAupdates Does "loving the Countryside" mean having to slaughter things?