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Mary Lou McDonald references this report - which notes that almost 850 children discharged from Temple Street Child… https://t.co/GDpfCvOusn
@Hooded_Werewolf I'm not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your arithmetic, there, Lou.
@loujnicholls Good morning Lou, have a good day 🌻🌼🌺😻🐾
Chanter fort comme ça sur le quai
RT @rainingbabiesyt: Just found Lou Bega's 23andme DNA profile. https://t.co/EHrbn4Vlz4
Feeling ko si andre talaga yung kinilig hindi si lou 😂 Lou: You like me? Andre: *kilig* #PBB8Confessions WeGotYou… https://t.co/MO79HVKjpx
di ko gid gusto imo way nga mag ano ka sakon miga lou hehe
モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 / 初見さぁぁぁん! https://t.co/xyepubuAv5
@isleschick You know Lou has to have his picture up at Vincent’s by now...
RT @AthIetesForGod: Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. -Lou Holtz
@Lou_Myaa @JunBan_ Nan nan juste dans Odyssey en étant homme ou femme tu peux coucher avec homme et femme pendant t… https://t.co/NR7cin9Koh
@dbongino She is the health crisis
@Lou_Myaa Tu sous estimes trop les mecs en chien
RT @PhilJamesson: [Lou Bega voice] One, two, three four [Proclaimers voice] five hundred miles
RT @patriciaiglesi7: Ese es el problema con ustedes, aprendan a tener un poco de humildad. Me parece un texto ridículo. https://t.co/1cXkRqafTg
RT @PeterAskin1: Darling black girl kitty "Captain Squeakers" at Cobb County in #MariettaGA adopted & returned when didn't get along… https://t.co/Ebm0lvgVYs
RT @stepville: MAID is about to hit shelves of bookstores January 22! Take a look at where it all began. https://t.co/mISjeSuM8s
"Odorei (oh~doreai) = bau Santobraee (zentohbrei) =suci Male (ma~lew) = jahat Abuono (akh~buownoh) = baik Lomore… https://t.co/OYBloNSfhZ
@NurLou dieses gif strahlt nur so von Wahrheit☺Lou ist cute und pupst Cuteniss 🧡