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RT @rocksij: .@iansomerhalder `s iconic coming back to Lost in the series finale / 2010 https://t.co/Gbv7Xxzc7a
Season One of Lost in the streets, Series Finale of Lost in the sheets.
So I lost my shit at a Burlington after watching series finale @carmillaseries and let's just say this gay got emotional ver leather boots
@markeburge @KimJBurge in the series finale, we'll reveal to you that we're secret long lost siblings
You can bet your sweet ass I cried through the entire LOST series finale just now
RT @tara_atrandom: Waiting to go into the light in the LOST series finale church... #4815162342 #LOST https://t.co/BcWuGnOS1q
@c123harrris I think it is obvious. I don't consider Lost a waste of time except for the series finale. I'm still pissed.
@iRyanPena PS. I'm still not over the series finale of Lost. 😭 See you in a few weeks!
watching series finale of lost & have no idea what's going on. I don't think I've ever drank hot choc so fast #haventwatchedsinceseason2 😅
The series finale of Lost changed me
Watching the series finale of Lost and I'm unstable
@ElricEdge oh yeah! Just the as yet unpublished series 2 finale, and potentially the series 3 intro episodes...
Trying to retrieve the data. At best won't be until tomorrow, but real chance the finale recording & start of the new series may be gone.
@alexrkonrad ...😑...worse than the series finale of Lost
RT @JoshDComp: I haven't been this angry about a TV show since the series finale of LOST #debate
I haven't been this angry about a TV show since the series finale of LOST #debate
This is just like the series finale of "Lost": A lot of unanswered questions. #Debates2016
Gross. I'm hereby boycotting @nbc—retroactive to just after the series finale of LOST, which I'm pretty sure is whe… https://t.co/W7IiV3OEox
"Ya know, I think this show might not answer all of my questions." - Trump un-endorsers watching the LOST series finale
I'm on the series finale of #Lost and I'm so sad. 😩😩😩
Watching the series finale of @leverageTNT on @iontv . This show never lost momentum and ended WAY too early. #leverage
grand-finale of our "BBQ-Cup" - curious who lost the four-round-series and will have to grill for the rest #golf #whttps://t.co/gmpMp4EvAs
lost........................... nunca vi e pretendo, mas sei o final há 6 anos (na semana que saiu o series finale… https://t.co/dx1oQMBk7s
LOSTile... People who are still pissed about the LOST series finale. #JokesFrom2010
Series finale of Lost was fuckery. Bye. @LordCotterell @SuperAshPash