Losing weight can be fun

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RT @BriiiHalp: I hate how synonymous and commercialized "new year resolution" is with losing weight. You can improve in others ways too. Like being nice.
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Yeah, it's no losing weight over here.
@JoeStephens88 @reubenvarzea and the deflator is losing weight.
& i'm losing weight 😛
Can barely fit my clothes now 😑 losing weight 😒
RT @DlY_lDEASS: A 15-Minute Workout For Losing Weight Super-Fast https://t.co/bJz3RYExGr
@Se_Railway Anyone else feel like they are losing weight on these trains tonight?! Turn the heating off on this train!!!
i keep losing weight and im kind of scared?? bc it's not like i'm doing it on purpose i just forget to eat or dont feel like eating
when people start noticing that you're losing weight>>>
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I hate when ppl say I'm losing weight when I'm actually gaining some 🙄
I gained 15 pounds just to lose it. I'm losing weight like crazy man 😣😣😣
@VinnieTortorich I'm losing weight and feeling 👍🏻! I told my Gpa. His 👨‍⚕️ said no low carb! No enough fiber. Eat 🍞!
I'm trying losing weight despite all my friends said I really don't need to. I just wanna prepare my stomach for my… https://t.co/qTw6PVi5Vn
But keep losing weight @ me because my face looks better on a slimmer face.
I would enjoy losing weight, but I've also been pulling hot ass dudes with the same body for years.
OBSESSED OMG if you're not eating @HaloTopCreamery yet, you need to start. Eating ice cream and still losing weight… https://t.co/NKe9qoUuI8
-she had some form of one. She only cared for losing weight and being thin. She disconnected her phone to avoid being asked to hang out cuz-
This Is How Much You Need To Walk To Start Losing Weight https://t.co/pzZeV6nRy4
I've gotten so comfortable in my body lately. Slowly losing weight & trying to eat better (key word "trying") 😂 but I like how it's going
RT @BradynGarcia19: Okay time to start losing weight again, I look like a fat shit 😊😊