Loser Gets Free

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RT @JosephAParker: At first, before youve built a name for yourself you might have to work for free and do jobs that you hate.
RT @aduanebrown: Bernie Sanders: College should be tuition free. Betsy Devos: That's an interesting idea, but nothing in life is free. #DeVosHearing
RT @BLVKROSE: Does just want 98% of my man's attention in his free time. The other 2% is just enough for him to focus on breathing.
RT @FUUGAZIBITCHH: @Lamzor_is_free @NucleicChan @CherriesFTW @nonoleouf_ @edmSPARK c'est ce feministe d'image qui putes les degradé aler hop
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RT @21logician: anyone telling me this isnt free speech issue I refer to this from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education https://t.co/ns7hT2kJML
@Hublife What are you trying to breakfree from. Dog's stay behind the gate free willed human's are the expression's of freedom. 💑. 🙏-🙏. 💗.
RT @GirishPodar: Ha ha! Seems some morons in @BJP4India need an experienced professor to give classes on free sex, producing illegit… https://t.co/c2MiHt97Ml
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RT @susan_lemon: @CDoranHarader @jkaccinni well, they'd be too lazy to do for free but Bikers For Trump will keep them a bay #LoserProtestersStayHome
RT @Muh_Sadam: Chelsea Manning WILL BE FREE BABY. BRAVO @POTUS @BarackObama, it's d RIGHT THING because Trump--THE RUSSIAN SPY--wo… https://t.co/ynOZUwwCPu
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RT @FactsOfSchool: As a college student my favorite words are "canceled" and "free"
RT @KTLA: Save the date: Over 30 SoCal museums will be offering free admission on Jan. 29 for Museums Free-For-All Day… https://t.co/VW3Sjgi4yn
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"I'm young, I'm yours, I'm free, and I am flawed."
Maybe if you set your mind free baby.. then maybe you'll understand
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