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RT @LiamPaulCanning: I don't think there's currently any available manager out there that can do a better job than Mourinho, but that do… https://t.co/mz6dN5T7M8
RT @tntph: Mga Ka-tropa, who wants to get free tickets sa concert ni @Espanto2001 this weekend? 👀 #TNTUnstoppableDarren… https://t.co/N6GV3xUagJ
RT @ig_neztwt: If you hv some free time.. could you help to drop some love for Please Take Care My Refrigerator on JTBC site.. ❣❣… https://t.co/Zigsg7XzVm
RT @DSWT: #DidyouKnow we offer free field trips into Tsavo National Park for children living nearby, giving them the chance t… https://t.co/MLmcNEPpRq
@VivaNightsUK when are you guys planning to free up our p’s, nearly 3 months later and still no sign of a refund 👀
Have you signed up for the Annual June Bug Jam 5k Run/Walk & Kids Fun Run? Not only is this a kid friendly event, i… https://t.co/ltaAcDHChY
#PhnxToken pre-registration has started. Join now and get your free 300 tokens. https://t.co/bpRfiSC6Ov Share your… https://t.co/TWJzSAYv0Q
@morningmika @Morning_Joe it’s not truth telling that’s bothersome. Just take 20 mins and apologize for the free pr… https://t.co/aXziAgvBrh
RT @planet110703jpn: @edanoyukio0531 そんなことより、そのメモの信頼性が担保されていないことが問題でしょ。文書の信頼性を独自に調査して信頼できると言う結論に達してからにすべきです。この件は官邸も加計学園も関係ありません。愛媛県の問題です。 https://t.co/Xbeanxklny
RT @Koreandogs: #Bucheon towards a #DogMeat free City in #SouthKorea❗Pls write your thank you to Mayor Kim 📧kms7383@gmail.com… https://t.co/ieAi1C1ejY
RT @Evo1S: Amy F from Dallas,Texas just won an Autographed T Shirt and Hat. Thanks Amy for all your support with the RT's.Much… https://t.co/QgHPf6a9vI
@paulmurphy68 @JamieBrysonCPNI Paul, why are you giving this nobody free air time and headspace?
RT @skaiahart: "The images in google is free to use" https://t.co/QzB2j7THqm
Support our Healthy Communities initiative by becoming a "Bicycle Friendly Business"! It's FREE! A 'BFB' is a bus… https://t.co/Fo2LQ0TU5B
RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Expectation is that while Mark Hunter is departing TOR, because he has time remaining on his contract, one of the c… https://t.co/lrs6KCUE7h
RT @soulstaece: “Picking a bias in Bangtan is like buying one and getting six free.” (cr.) Couldn’t agree more. #PremiosMTVMiaw … https://t.co/Cabh2PjckH
Where in the country can you find over 500 people trapping and painting, FREE Food , FREE Wine Tasting, Vendors, th… https://t.co/lUYHNJGd8G
@CBSNews He deserves to be free. Leave him alone.
RT @crochetknit30: Take 5 dollars off any item in my shop! And always free shipping! Can't beat that! https://t.co/h6GgcwRbXo #coupon… https://t.co/fJgXlquQVJ
RT @rsammysams: @BillKristol Coin? It looks like the cap of a soda bottle. "Collect all 4 dictator caps and win a free Big Mac"
Parliament passes bill to double tax-free gratuity ceiling to Rs 20 lakh from Rs 10 lakh - Indiatides… https://t.co/YiGnNLTnyS
RT @KpopMutuals_2_: Just got my Love Yourself: Tear Albums and i had some extra for my soecial Giveaway! 👉 RT and like this 👉 Follow m… https://t.co/Gf04CgcucF
@NudeMeUK Although I’m all in for the cause I don’t think you can use my photo as your profile picture... could you… https://t.co/5mm2xaecWn