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RT @advocatemahere: I've never seen Zimbos so happy, so united & so free. The world mightn't understand why most have chosen to side wi… https://t.co/MMS8TUirEI
RT @sheptinstall: Giant free Scaletrix track to entertain tired travellers at Turkish Airways lounge at Istanbul airport https://t.co/lY18EeiVHy
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RT @BleacherReport: Jahlil Okafor’s dad wore a “Free Jah” shirt to the Sixers game https://t.co/zhXB64hhIM https://t.co/bh7LKx2Cdf
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RT @royalbhyun: sm pays people to stan exo? im offended. I was never consulted, i never received a call, never received an email ab… https://t.co/wvTa85zAJ2
I don’t know apa yang mereka dpt, some said pengecualian cukai. Tapi bila balik ke Malaysia usually mereka ask favo… https://t.co/aYdbBv3iST
@ school just give us free wifi you asshats
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@free_pika 俺の手はわかりの手
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RT @davidmweissman: I want to make it clear, I don't stand with alt right or "Nazis" and their message. I am an American Army Veteran,… https://t.co/QmvgPZRvFP
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