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Beyoncé or Naw...Looks Smack Like Her! https://t.co/H5obdG8gIK
LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A FIGHT GOING ON WAHAHAHAHA #beyonce @ Women's… https://t.co/YGI2hllSVn
RT @smokedfza_: Beyoncé looks like a crazy girlfriend
Beyoncé looks like a crazy girlfriend
Looks like we're finally passing from "Inflated Expectations" to "Trough of Disillusionment" territory https://t.co/4pB1UjYigg #Beyoncé
Looks like Beyonce in the first pic😍😍😍 https://t.co/NaMz1NdPdR
Star just looks like a show about destinys child but Beyoncé is a white girl
This whole scene 1. Hottie calling herself Beyoncé 2. Everyone rolling on the floor 3. New York saying she looks li… https://t.co/XxGsQh1V7f
RT @ItsMrsMalikHere: @RoadTrip3000 it looks like you're dancing Single Ladies by Beyonce😂 Twins😂😂🎶 https://t.co/IuhBNlztTS
RT @PopCravings: Here's a sneak peek of Ariana Grande's character on "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius", looks like she will be wearing he… https://t.co/cuzwRN6Yfk
This section looks like Beyoncé's #LEMONADE 😟#Eastenders
Dinah Jane is so perfect. She looks like Beyoncé, oh yeah. She is my queen
RT @becky_hughess: @Jess_Mcgarry_ when you break ya back on pictures trying to get your arse like Beyoncé but it looks shit af in real life mmmm naaaaah
@Jess_Mcgarry_ when you break ya back on pictures trying to get your arse like Beyoncé but it looks shit af in real life mmmm naaaaah
Based on my tweets so far 2017 looks like the year in which I really let my misandry out
@cammy_camilla ..to poor treatment and racial slurs from some1 who looks just like her because she happens to be darker than Beyoncé.
@TomiLahren @Beyonce structured face- u r beautiful. I dnt know wat ur body looks like but I can tell it ain't shit & is probably ugly! Look
tf kinda mess is this. beyoncé is with J even though his lips big as hell and looks like he hasn't licked em since… https://t.co/WM6qXWo6i9
RT @deeepthot: beyoncé looks like she just saw one of her dancers miss a step for the second time in 3 years. https://t.co/EFiTaYY2G5
my mom was watching the 5H performance with me & she said dinah is her favorite bc she looks like Beyoncé lmao
@Beyonce I am just making an observation but the 'fifth Harmony' looks like a Beyoncé knock off
Now he's looking up pictures of her and telling me she looks like Beyoncé. This year is going to be hard.
First & only argument of 2017- Joe: "she (lead singer of fifth harmony) looks like Beyoncé." Me: "NO ONE LOOKS LIKE BEYONCÉ BUT BEYONCÉ"
Looks like #JLo took a stroll through Beyoncé's closet. #NBCNYE