Look Like Trash

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I look like a piece of trash today
RT @Dory: when you look like trash and someone compliments you https://t.co/Nn1qt4TLPb
RT @SarahKFetter: "Smile babyyyy, it's a pretty day. You look like Oscar the Grouch." -random old dude "GOOD CAUSE I FUCKING LOVE TRASH AND HATE SMILING."
@LittlePete8 @POTUS44 @ObamaFoundation Wrong, Obama made our country great, trump makes us look like the trash he and his porn wife is.
I want Kazuma Kiryu to look at me like a peice of trash
RT @justforIaugh: "Beauty sleep" is such bullshit i sleep 12 hours a day and still look like trash
@Purrrltnp i look like trash compared to adelaide :-( but huhu i miss you baby
I wish I would get ready for school everyday but instead I wake up late and look like TRASH :-(
@nytimes # UR so called FAKE NEWS paper, is Such TRASH U make the Enquirer look like real news! I wouldn't use UR paper to WIPE MY ASS!
Nah they look like a garbage can type of trash — 😍💰 https://t.co/bIzW7M0XAg
@JeffZillgitt Hennigan makes Vlade look like a great gm! This is so sad its sick! Getridof Biz for 2096 2nd rnd pick and Green and DJ! Trash
Emtee making all AKA's tantrums put together look like trash 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
When you look like trash and see everyone you know 🙃
these bitches you fuckin with trash — They look like trashbags huh😍💰💰 https://t.co/FKyEWMubYz
@deadmodel only when I try , I usually look like trash . Dude you're so cute like wth , literally heart eyes .
My nails look like trash but I'm too tired to do them rn :/
Bijan always looks so cute in our photos while I look like trash! Smh why she gotta be so cute
@Whclesome Gonna throw me into the trash bin? Tf I look like? Oscar the Grouch?
@nbz232 omg no way! i look like trash in every pic 🙃
Vivek is such an idiot, and so trash for making vlade look like a fool
RT @addiea__: Ha . Get some new glasses bitch cuz u clearly wanna look like me https://t.co/LgJH5jJsa3
You look like trash let me take you out https://t.co/ed7shcszeq
I look like human trash bc my hair is braided and I don't believe in scarfs sry boo hoo I'm ugly I know 😭😂🖕🏽 https://t.co/bOQfEpDKnt