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RT @iheartmindy: Ford conveniently couldn’t give an exact time or place hoping that it meant Kavanaugh wouldn’t be able to defend ag… https://t.co/MMRKxHywmv
RT @senorrinhatch: Chairman Grassley has spent 7 days working to accommodate Dr Ford so the Senate could hear her testimony. He’s of… https://t.co/nisHYQsFw4
RT @PrisonPlanet: Twitter suspended James Woods for trying to "impact an election" because he posted a satirical meme. Literally any… https://t.co/0R3g63zMkn
RT @RagingGayCons: There are only 3 types of people who believe one unsubstantiated allegation of sexual assault should ruin a man's l… https://t.co/oFkzd1geg4
RT @JackPosobiec: Keith Ellison is still the #2 of the Democrat Party weeks after being credibly accused of domestic abuse
RT @hrtablaze: Ted Cruz is a liberal slayer of the highest order ! In this clip , he absolutely destroys the Democrats for what th… https://t.co/qhDUDbh6CZ
@Lonny_Bohonos Drive thru’s need a $25 limit before 11pm (after 11pm is fair game because most places close the res… https://t.co/ysRpNSM5Kh
RT @charliekirk11: Have me on your podcast. I would love to discuss many topics including how wrong you are on basically everything https://t.co/EkoOS2AY85
RT @JJWalke44866538: @IngrahamAngle Maybe when we get through this, we can start demanding a real investigation on real victims. May I s… https://t.co/TiGHJVF5qb
RT @1bigbeer: Christine Blasey Ford wasn't afraid to fly to the Women's march against Trump in Washington DC . last year . https://t.co/IkUULtPWHT
RT @BrennaSpencer: Best way to protect yourself against sexual assault and domestic violence 🔫
RT @LauraLoomer: Everyone please follow @KarenMonahan01. Keith Ellison abused her & she’s sharing her story on twitter. The MSM Is… https://t.co/m8juPiAHSN
RT @MustangGirl3: Her name is Karen Monahan Karen Monahan Karen Monahan Karen Monahan Karen Monahan Karen Monahan Karen Monahan Karen… https://t.co/4rdeo4ExLU
@JDRooke @michaeljknowles Exactly, everyone already new the dummycrats were going to pull some stupid stunt about s… https://t.co/6sbAOYdsTJ
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/I4QWBmRmNV Lonny X - High School [Prod. KLARK ¢ENT]
RT @staceydash: So... You campaign with Bill Clinton and work as a henchman for Weinstein. I believe you should not only shut yo… https://t.co/pjTDyZBMyI
RT @JackPosobiec: Just a reminder that Donald Trump is the President of the United States https://t.co/NQuhe8SA4X
RT @fijiwaterpapi: Y’all remember Travis Scott falling in auto tune https://t.co/wKqtkHF3q1
RT @LegendaryEnergy: I’m not a Republican. I’m not a conservative. I’m voting all Republican in November. The left is absolutely insane.… https://t.co/EQ0Blw0Njj
RT @andrewklavan: Hey @jack, unlock @RealJamesWoods account. Stop silencing conservative voices over nothing. It's unAmerican. What d… https://t.co/mNb5cqn8pb
RT @TomFitton: Time's up. Schedule the Kavanugh vote. https://t.co/F1w99yl3Pq
RT @dbongino: Just to be clear, Dr. Ford’s team made these allegations and offered these individuals up as witnesses. NONE of the… https://t.co/rsQz8W4yLx
RT @Patrici15767099: Female blogger is ordered to pay US Army colonel she accused of rape $8.4million in damages after he claimed the fa… https://t.co/fN2YRlroLi
RT @JackPosobiec: Trump supporter poll: Should Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed to the Supreme Court?