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RT @dbongino: How does Rod Rosenstein still have his job? #FISA
@Lonny_Bohonos Yep I think you’re pretty fucking bang on there brother. https://t.co/opaZ6hDD47
@oak_leafs And before anyone starts replying with the "hindsight is 20/20" argument, there was a bunch of us who we… https://t.co/q3Zsa9j534
@Flight23White You really dont play 2k like that flight. When was the last time you dropped a wok video ?
RT @Thagnul: i got the 50 rts deal from @SHaZx97 could you guys please retweet it #edcodes https://t.co/yy9PprCCSZ
@oak_leafs And to add to this, we could have used some of the assets from a JVR trade in a deal for Panarin if we c… https://t.co/HUentDVSze
@suIisdead wait till they find out about the lonny breaux collection
RT @mslauryntrill: i think nostalgia, ultra. > the lonny breaux collection. this is my truth.
@blondedocean I mean he kinda told the truth. The Lonny Breaux collection, Nostalgia Ultra, Channel Orange, Endless and Blonde
Lonny Breaux is Frank Oceans best albummmm
RT @LadyThriller69: Lol Trump supporters aren't RACIST In what world do a bunch of racists follow a bunch of black people and tweet us… https://t.co/pGMbqEMmx5
RT @Jasl0ve: “you look happy” one of the best compliments to receive.
RT @sugarfoot34: *using Ouija board* "hello, is there anyone there" *Y* *O* *U* *U* *U* *U* "ah damnit this is a Soulja board*
RT @LadyThriller69: The part of #PizzaGate that is the "Pizza" it's not a hoax. PIZZA is derived as a code word used to describe "new… https://t.co/IuvfpYTjL8
I still have the Lonny Breaux collection. Everything Frank touches is gold.
https://t.co/BCBE5EEcen More "GREED", courtesy of "AMERICAN" PPL, who tune in, to watch "dumbass" BULLSHIT! ALL "ir… https://t.co/O1VllFSK3j
RT @thebradfordfile: Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee essentially purchased a Carter Page FISA application. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A VICTIM!
@ShaunWatson86 Spieth all the way lonny bad
RT @charliekirk11: Planned Parenthood has been caught: Aiding and abetting sex traffickers Selling body parts of aborted babies Co… https://t.co/CyBjAxC2pT
RT @SwaveyGotJuice: " I should've never slept on you " https://t.co/sHdUr3QGXX
RT @_ayosworldd: Shoot imma be able to power the whole world https://t.co/CPRxpdl1MJ
RT @JPFreek: Very interesting Jeep pickup from Lonny Garcia on FB. Would you wheel it? https://t.co/t6pgYLGmsy
RT @x_destineee: I’m ready for a new environment 🙌🏽😩 college me!