London tweeters

Social media firms facing fresh political pressure after London terror attack
AP Denies London Attack ISIS Affiliated via @YouTube
RT @narendramodi: Deeply saddened by the terror attack in London. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.
RT @RayRichx: The jokes were funny but the London raps on More Life really are terrible lol
@johnnyorlando I've got VIP for London but I might get VIP for oxford aswell dm me if I should ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@sarah_connors traveled all the way from america to spielberg to london only to wind up at a fuckin planet hollywood
RT @LittleSimz: only uk/london representative on this , if you here for it , cast ya vote 🙏🏿 much love
RT @TrayvonVert: Every dank oc meme maker after hearing about London Terror Attacks yesterday
RT @barcelona_f14s: [Goal_com] コウチーニョですらネイマールの能力に驚嘆「ボールを渡せば何とかしてくれる」 #fcb
WhatsApp's message encryption unacceptable, should be accessible to police: UK minister...
@Writer_DG At Phoenix airport on way to South Africa via London!!! 😀✈🌍🎬❤
RT @CGdrawing: London Maccaron suger house studio Beauty fish wall
RT @TheBucktList: London is even prettier at night 😍
@JrrizzoYT Hey a music video for @SirJammmy 's Old London isn't such a bad idea......Hey you get to play DLC 5 earl......I mean the best CZ.
RT @TheBucktList: London is even prettier at night 😍
RT @KTHopkins: Obama on steroids is the perfect description of London right now.
RT @MarkLevineNYC: Trump admin quick to pounce on last week's London attack but refuses to acknowledge terror attack in U.S. by a whit…
RT @BreitbartLondon: ‘The Working Class Have Spoken’: Punk Legend Johnny Rotten Praises Brexit, Trump, and Farage
RT @ifavboyinluv: 53. Você com certeza já leu 500 Days In London.
RT @urdips_gujarati: Best awarded words in London. "Eat Your Food As Your Medicines. Otherwise You Have To Eat Medicines As Your Food"
RT @NiallSpanish: Ash London LIVE aseguró que Harry Styles será el siguiente Justin Timberlake después de ver su comercial como solis…