I don't remember taking this photo, but it's hilarious coz this is how I feel about the Drump being Prez. !?$%#@
BBC coverage of Trump inauguration botches subtitles, leads to hilarious result via @SFGate
RT @TrueblueBritish: Brilliant they are crying at Trump getting in lol This I do find hilarious!
Pull yourself out of the deep depression that is #Inauguration Day with this hilarious & mind expanding #PODCAST f/…
While Trump did later correct his misspelling, that hasn’t stopped Twitter from pointing out the hilarious error.
RT @afroblithe: Lmfaooooooooo I wanna defend my honor but this is hilarious😭😭😭😭
There's a great meme that accompanied it. See it? Saw it in FB. Hilarious and sad.
@Curry49Fc watch alec baldwin's windup of donald trump. Hilarious
RT @TrumpTrainNewss: Slick Willie CAUGHT Staring At Ivanka Trump, Hillary’s Response Was Absolutely Hilarious!
RT @RuPaulsDragRace: Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, hilarious, Mother of the Haus of Edwards: Ms. @AlyssaEdwards_1! Have a fabulous day…
RT @TVSanjeev: That's a) hilarious and b) very VERY well spotted
This happened after I posted a selfie on tumblr. Guys, this isn't flattering, it's creepy. Also kinda hilarious tho
This is too hilarious 😂😂😂
If someone figures this out that'll be hilarious
RT @asamjulian: HILARIOUS: "Why do you lie, CNN?" 😂😂😂 #CNNSucks #InaugurationDay
Eerie and harrowing, yet also hilarious as hell.
RT @maysirahza: Allah ga punya selera humor. Will be hilarious if stand up comedians start making joke out of this hadits.
RT @ClutchLikeRomo: Alright yall gotta admit this one is hilarious
RT @Run_IsHere: Alec Badwin gave this speech to a crowd of 20,000, lol, meanwhile @realDonaldTrump gave his to a crowd under 10,000…