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RT @OgbeniDipo: That N100K you want to blow this Christmas on top the birthday of Jesus, you can use it to register for a professio… https://t.co/05RrXBH8QE
Price of Lloyd's market shares
@lloyd_robert I bet it’s not as good as my ‘Christmas at Camelot’ 😀
@alexdgn @Schuldensuehner @Macronomics1 The comparison is Lloyd's bank taking on the Halifax. 2 weeks later nearly… https://t.co/Ar5X05u7Lf
@LloydsofLondon Here’s a special message just for you to say thanks for supporting #ChristmasJumperDay. Don’t forge… https://t.co/CNLfDwuUBE
19. Bad Apple!! feat. nomico(Something Unreal氏&Steven Lloyd氏カバー版) 数ある悪林檎のカバーやアレンジの中でも、比較的知名度が高い作品。Something Unreal氏… https://t.co/88Ce0IJzL1
IMO "bleeder" is an excellent word insofar as it really captures the feelings of people with periods on their perio… https://t.co/1qnTEEDtm4
RT @MattressMase: Feels So Right - Lloyd
RT @Duraginho: The Ends | 2019 Lloyd Park Croydon @Nas | @wizkidayo | @damianmarley Cc. @MetropolisMusic @LiveNationUK… https://t.co/0NrkcqS1od
Post2 og "Unsa man juy suoton nako inig ka party oy?" or "excited nko sa party", unyag singlon sa bayad sa mag cate… https://t.co/N93Jcvqjrs
RT @gav_rodgers90: @ATLHawks we love Lloyd Pearce so much here in Teesside,UK that we even make Christmas cards of him! Merry Christma… https://t.co/UdzLObprIn
That moment when I realized that Lloyd was my son, I thought I had gotten back my hope.
RT @DrAdrianHarrop: Use of inclusive language can only be a positive & progressive thing. No one is erased by using such language, yet… https://t.co/EjcJnEjRYq
An honour. Thanks for asking 🙏
RT @SensCritique: Connaissez-vous le destin tragique de Jake Lloyd, l'acteur qui joue Anakin dans #StarWars : Épisode I -… https://t.co/CpRDtBGoHZ
RT @Duraginho: The Ends | 2019 Lloyd Park Croydon @Nas | @wizkidayo | @damianmarley Cc. @MetropolisMusic @LiveNationUK… https://t.co/0NrkcqS1od
RT @RuttenWillem: https://t.co/rSsJbyDuUm  Premier Lloyd George in 1923: ‘Van alle kwalen in de wereld is antisemitisme de meest idio… https://t.co/5b0aKvdB9k
Today’s helping of disconcerting Christmas fiction - taken from Shirley Jackson’s short story collection ‘Just an O… https://t.co/N7ucboYTd6
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