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@Linux_pine おうおー!!!おめ☺️ 僕もりなぴょ手伝う〜〜!!!!!
Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in Expat affect Intel (R) Manycore Platform Software Stack (MPSS) for Linux ...
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RT @schestowitz: Only a fool or one whose boss is one would give files to #nsa #prism through this evil company #oneDrive #microsoft
@fusionmick りなっくすね、フォロワーのおかげでHR3だよー‹‹\(´ω` )/››クロス独特操作に慣れませぬ
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RT @yurufuwatanpopo: Windows Vista サポート期限 2017年4月11日まで、残り 【0015日】になりました。 Windows Vistaは楽しめましたか?(●╹◡╹●) #Linux #LinuxMint…
but seriously why do unreal and unity not package their examples for linux what the fuck why
#Containerization has allowed orgs of all sizes to gain huge savings via #DevOps. You can too with #Docker! #Linux
@lolamby not yet. I noted that xorriso -isohybrid-mbr (path)/isohpfx.bin (path) depends of the Linux flavor. Now I have same hash squashsf
【编程随想】为什么桌面系统装 Linux 可以做到更好的安全性(相比 Windows & macOS 而言):  又有一段时间没写技术博文了。在前几篇博文的评论中,有若干读者催写 Linux 方面的教程。俺准备开始动手,写一点傻…
RT @RuggnarNobletoe: Demo available on @itchio @gamejolt @IndieDB for win, linux, mac Links on #gamedev…
Cómo proteger el borrado accidental de archivos en Linux. #TengaEnCuenta 💻 Ver en 👉 #BuenApetito 🍝