Am I the only one who learns Linux then gets stuck on stupid windows 7 driver updates? Grrrr!!!
It's Been A Quiet Year-End For BUS1, The Proposed In-Kernel IPC For #Linux:,
【Linux】さくらのVPSで開発環境を作ってみた。(SVN込) #Linux #php #MySQL #Subversion #svn
RT @PeterC408: It's Christmas time in KODI land. Win the 4K performing Arnu M-10 Pure Linux Box from Arnu. Good Luck....
@YotaPhone Hey guys where can I find the source of your Android Linux kernel? Thanks.
RT @driverdevel: #linux #drivers #linux #rdma [PATCH V2 05/10] i40iw: Remove unnecessary check for moving CQ head
Depois que eu aprender a usar o Kali Linux, tu será apenas um "Brinquedinho" meu.
RT @brendangregg: Slides and labs from my perf/BPF/bcc tutorial with @goldshtn at #LISA16
なので早くLinuxで開発環境(ry #JXUG
RT @hayajo: 「GoでつくるLinuxコンテナ」のコードです。Vagrantfileも同梱しているので環境のある方はぜひお試しを! #nds50
RT @MSFTMechanics: Service Map: Better dependency understanding for IT Pros across Windows & Linux
RT @manuti: Ubuntu lanza un concurso para crear apps navideñas para Raspberry Pi #linux #feedly
「GoでつくるLinuxコンテナ」のコードです。Vagrantfileも同梱しているので環境のある方はぜひお試しを! #nds50
Después de 25 años, Linux jamás había sido tan importante #TecNovedosos
Trying to install gRPC C++ libs on Debian makes me feel like I'm back in the dark ages of Linux. Dependencies unbuildable, no .deb package.
I might need to do a whole gif series on Kali Linux fun. here's "dmitry" -- simple command line access to whois inf…
Latest Linux Distribution Releases (The Always Up-to-date List)
#Bretagne LRA-10092 - Ingénieur Système Linux H/F #emploi
Flat 65% OFF on all bluehost web hosting plans. #bluehost Linux Shared Hosting at just ₹ 1…
外国人の日本観光の際の利便性を上げる事を日々考えています。一つは簡易FreeSPOTの普及。もう一つはPCをLinuxでリユースする多言語LiveCD。とりわけ中国韓国以外の東南アジアからのインバウンドを日本で成功させるために何が出来るかを一緒に考えませんか? #ritaplus
@sanjeetraj282 @crossfdross4 The Linux standard is UTC, Windows standard is UTC, Windows standard is localtime.
Fine day for friends. So-so day for you.