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I can hear Linkin Park coming from my brother's room... WHAT YEAR IS IT
Just to help you realize your OLD!!! 16 years ago today, Linkin Park released their debut album 'Hybrid Theory'.
Ho appena scoperto la canzone Burn It Down di Linkin Park grazie a Shazam.
ครบรอบ16ปี อัลบั้มHybrid Theory ของ Linkin Park รักวงนี้มากกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก
NowPlaying Crawling - Linkin Park #nowplaying
16 years ago to this day, Linkin Park released their first album
@sunnyclouds_ linkin park is the best band they rock ur world
RT @PuteriShahira_: Numb // Linkin Park ❤️❤️❤️
RT @QuarterPress: Un día como hoy del 2000 se lanza uno de los mejores discos: 'Hybrid Theory' de Linkin Park
RT @QuarterPress: Noche para escuchar y recordar una de las mejores canciones: 'In The End' de Linkin Park
RT @hiatuss_: Ni kalau linkin park tgk, rasanya dia pun hempuk kepala dekat dinding hahahahahhaahaha 😂😂😂
I have never listened to linkin park on spotify, yet all of my daily mixes contain linkin park songs spotify pls its too edgy
NowPlaying Forgotten - Linkin Park #nowplaying
Sometimes I hear part of Linkin Park song & think "this isn't so bad." Then I hear more & I think "I was right the first time, this is bad."
#RTされた数だけ普段聞いてる曲を紹介する Breaking The Habit/Linkin Park アニメーションPVが有名な曲です。洋楽入門にピッタリかと。
People know me as the guy that loves the Bayarea music and few who know me as that guy that loves linkin park Counting Crows the cranberries
I liked a @YouTube video 01 Papercut - Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory)