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RT @Gidi_Traffic: "@bidec6: @Gidi_Traffic Unprecedented traffic between cement bus stop inwards IKEJA ALONG. It's too early! #GIDITRAFFIC
RT @EyeKonik: ⚑️The purpose of being here is to play with free will and to "collect" experiences of the choices we made.⚑️ #Eyekonik #Choice #zen
RT @Gidi_Traffic: "@jennypraise: @Gidi_Traffic we now have 7 gold... And they are aiming for more!!! #TeamNigeria at the #Paralympics are doing us proud!
RT @Hazeyy_aR: I'd really appreciate it if everyone would go watch this video and drop a like if you enjoyed. Thanks -Hazeyy
RT @Gidi_Traffic: "@bidec6: @Gidi_Traffic A broken down vehicle caused a worrisome traffic BTW Cement and Mangoro
RT @ryanmalfara: My favourite kid to watch a ball game with is totally #BlueJaysFOTY4, Ryan, you GOT THIS!
RT @Gidi_Traffic: [6:40AM] @Gbogbocrown: MOWE-IBAFO inward Lagos is not bad. Good movement all the way. @Gidi_Traffic #GIDITRAFFIC
RT @RJ10012: Want some extra income? earn while you learn real estate
RT @AustinDJordan: I've limited the entries to 1000 for the Packers at Bears Tickets I'm giving away at #NFL
RT @Gidi_Traffic: [7:06AM] @beat_traffik: Slow Traffic From IYANA OWORO To 3RDMB @Gidi_Traffic #GIDITRAFFIC
@Dr_Donette keep it on the low low
RT @rdollazs: Now I know why my girl aint replying 😳
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