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@themikenorton You're sounding like a dumbass again "Mike"....LoL...
@Mike_in_LA561 just canr do it man. I like then but the thrill is gone
RT @ClintSmithIII: Public education is not the free market. In the free market there are winners & losers. Why would you want a system like that for your kids?
@Fox26Mike I'm glad you call it like you see it Mike!! I agree!!
Professor said "I don't take attendance" so I'm like "word" then she proceeds to say "instead I give daily quizzes" so im like "chill"
RT @thesulk: "Guys, you can make a donation to planned parenthood in Mike Pence's name!" Or, just make a donation to planned parenthood. Like an adult.
@mike_pence You 2 make a great couple i like seeing long love family&thats what americas about being allWecan be & LovingGodFamilyCountry
"I wanna be i wanna be like Mike , powwwww huh?" 😭😭
School tomorrow got me like 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
RT @orientdistress: Mike, 57. Divorced. Hate islam foreners are destroying my country. Not racist just dont like em. Trying to get my kids back. Love Stella
RT @EricaThamie: Let's support every mozambican brands / projects - if you like them of course and spread the word ! Quit being haters , that's not a job !
RT @BelTel: Why 'Vote Mike and you get Colum' is starting to sound like a good idea, writes @AlexKane221b…
@_Be_Like_Mike_ It is not possible to transfer from one PSN ID to a different PSN ID. For more information: *JM
Everything you fix today seems to create new problems, like th... More for Leo
@Astro_Mike @CUSEAS What a great opportunity to talk about heroes like John Glenn and Gene Cernan. Good luck Mike!
RT @bbuk: The quiet in the House never lasts long. @stacyfrancis doesn't like being called two-faced, but will…
RT @M0riarty1: @Carolverse @MAGA3X Home addresses. They want to post rainbow flags in Mike Pence yard. I like to plant one of the…
#OkadaPlayback Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Ne-Yo - Higher Place
só queria ir em um show do dimitri vegas & like mike, só isso
If there are consequences, he should've been out or not playing! Or being crucified like Mike Vick or Le'Veon! But nah Bens a saint
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RT @iiBreakNecks: if you and yo best friend never fought like this growing up, y'all not real friends