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RT @Emma_Lipinski: smack that by akon is my life motto
smack that by akon is my life motto
suck dick and swallow the new life motto
always n forever will be my life motto
"The next song is All I Do is Win, which is kinda my life motto right now." The school radio station has me dying πŸ˜‚
Life motto tatted on my dads legπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Life motto- you don't have to smile, just don't frown
DONDE ESTAS MY FUCK TO GIVE β€” my new life motto from @Nikita_Dragun πŸ‘‘
My wine cup says "pairs well with red lipstick & sarcasm" ....that's going to be my life motto 😏
RT @lilliegoetz: Lolol when stay flexible is still a life motto
RT @NerdyAndQuirky: Yesterday I snapchatted my life motto. Join me for more quality despair.
@wordstionary @breeesha_ this is definitely our life motto!!! Love you babe!!
RT @QGotNoRings: Life motto, only time you should be worried about a womans vagina is if she personally invites you inside.