life is wonderful

I don't need money or fancy stuff. I need real friends and to be able to live my life the way I want.
RT @MikeDrucker: So blessed to see the progress in my life between 2006 and 2016.
RT @prayerbullets: Lord, command Your blessing upon my life. #Prayer
RT @ygent_official: [Akdong Musician (AKMU) – ‘사춘기 하(WINTER)’ FULL ALBUM RELEASE] originally posted by #AKMU…
RT @CommonFanGrI: friend 1: i have a social life friend 2: i have a boyfriend me: i have fandoms
だーれが殺した金田保 だーれが殺した金田保
RT @mainedcm: Just want to share how happy I am to have this bunch in my life. Aldub you, mga kuya ko. ❤ #random #jowapao
@ZaIsBu plzzz support that rickshaw wala Asifkhan maybe one share of you change his whole life thanks
RT @CNNnews18: #PrayersForAmma -Jayalalithaa "continues to be very critical," & is on various life support systems: Apollo Hospital
RT @dd573f6d91994cc: @Gurmeetramrahim #InspiringLionHeart Good Afternoon Pita ji bless me 4 my whole life
I have the DNA of Christ Jesus and I'm rooted in him.He is my life. 😎
RT @fentyy: the consideration/work transition is honestly life changing
RT @iSirArnab: Neither the BUSIEST Post like PM nor Prz have that Nos of sub staff in their office but a काम चलाऊ पोस्ट JOKER Dy C…
RT @MrRigginss: babygirl, a guy will ruin your life and throw his next victim in your face and she just smiling not knowing her life about to get ruined too
RT @iJesseWilliams: "YOU'RE WELCOME AMERICA" - Indigenous people. Unselfishness as culture. Life & earth first. #NoDAPL #StayWoke #Next
RT @mediupcokr: 나이에 대한 명언 모음 힐링스토리 :
life is too short to over think shit
RT @carolinefiennes: Bad teaching isn't unique to him. @UniofOxford: I'll defend u: I was taught badly, got a 2.1, yet have a lovely life
RT @TProphet: Always really cool to see innovations in other countries. For example, trains derail often in Myanmar so tickets in…