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Life of | Taking Sincere and Genuine Interest in the other PersonPosted: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 04:27:00 +0000One sure and definite way of creating a good initial impression on the other person is to take a real, keen, sincere interest in him. Without such sincere and human interest, the other attributes we considered may not be able to deliver the goods. In order to arouse others interest we must first get interested in him. We must direct our attention away from ourselves.

When everyone's smoking but you're about that fry life not that high life 🍟
@tunks_eric and what are u doing with ur life... playing me in 8 ball
RT @Tristan20chico: Retweet to end this boys life.l only have till Tuesday. 175 retweets!!!!!!
RT @SierraClub: "If you think this could never happen in your community, to your water, remember that we all live downstream."
RT @lauren_inspires: A negative mind will never give you a positive life.
RT @urbandoll: to be honest.. all i do in life is take hot showers, eat and complain
RT @Jaelyyy234: I just want my love life to be like a Cody Johnson song
RT @AviWoolf: Part of being a mature adult involves recognizing that life is complex. This should be obvious, but it isn't.
RT @HiIarlous: Me: I'm really happy right now, I hope my depression doesn't find its way back into my life My depression:
RT @arishapiro: Today I learned that the word "posh" began life as an acronym:
RT @NotesForGirlz: i am at a point in life where if u do me wrong i don't even put in the effort to hate u. i just no longer worry about ur existence
RT @queendeschanel: I need more videos of emily singing in my life
RT @Avlem25: @AMInaticsOFC @jaysondmx @WhilczelCanlas @ofctrendsetter You're not just another person, you're the love of my life 🌹💑🌹 #ALDUBxDTBYin7Days
RT @kardashhumor: I'm Kim and North is life and priorities in the back
RT @WORLDSTAR: Drake's new album "More Life" is dropping on March 4th via OVO Sound Radio 🔥
RT @BigNik: If someone makes you more upset or angry, rather than happy, they're no good in your life.
RT @victoriagray10: Literally today has been the best day of my life.. 😭👫💘💍🐶
If you don’t weed out the wrong people from your life, you’ll never meet the right ones. Find people that feed you and not just need you.
@brvja accurate synopsis of jjba sdc , forgot to include the part where jotaro brought joseph back to life