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Mike The Bike: @grahambsi @LibDems they are still for #brexit they are not the… eBay:…
@grahambsi @LibDems they are still for #brexit they are not the solution #remain in EU
@LibDems @Conservatives @labour @theresa_may UK is wasting 10 million pounds. 12.5 million dollars on watching assange. Stupid idiots. STOP
RT @margarance: I'm happy to stand with the @LibDems, the only party with a clear view on Europe. UKPlc needs to #Remain at the hea…
RT @MrDominicBuxton: We will not let intolerance, division and fear win. The fightback has started. In 2017, join the @LibDems, the real…
.@jeremycorbyn I haven't joined the @LibDems for a number of reasons. But you're certainly giving me fewer reasons to stay in @UKLabour.
.@jeremycorbyn, why must you insist on doing everything in your power to push moderate pro-EU labourites into the arms of the @LibDems?
You know something ain't right when you have local Tories, LibDems and Labour all agreeing the CPO is wrong. @LewishamCouncil #LEWISHAM4
RT @_DaisyBenson: Sick of Corbyn? Join the only party campaigning to keep Britain open, tolerant & and united 👉 #Brexit #UKPolitics
RT @_DaisyBenson: Must be a miserable time to be a moderate, pro-European in Labour and Tory parties. Share our values? Join us ☺
@LibDems It seems easy to make promises when out of government-When in Coaliton spending on mental health fell
well LibDems are now the only party willing to make a positive case for migration.
RT @_DaisyBenson: '#LibDems are the only party who seem to be speaking to the real issues right now.' - Paula, new member from Coventry @LibDemNewbiesUK
RT @_DaisyBenson: '#LibDems are the only party with a sensible approach to the problems our country faces.' - new member Paul @LibDemNewbiesUK
RT @Ortelius67: If this is true, Labour Remainers belong to a party which no longer represents them. @LibDems only choice in England
The day America shall be REBORN AND ON TO GREATNESS !!!!! @realDonaldTrump @LibDems @TheDemocrats