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RT @endcomputed: Mass Marine Animal Die Offs continue Worldwide-We are next @Deb_Libby @1nupiat
Africa's 'resilient cities' plan for the future. climate change, sea level rise, population growth, economic growth
Last night made me fall in love with @Drake even more😩😩😩😩😩😩😭❤
RT @AaronCGShore: At the end of the day you can be as pretty as you want on the outside but if your ugly on the inside then that will never change!!
the "corned beef black market" is really just one guy who bought 20 cases of Libby's when it was on sale at Cost-U-…
RT @GaryPounder: I can't cope with one of Katy Perry's many houses falling off stage 😂😂😂😂
@surridge_libby hi Libby nice to be friends with you would you support/retweet the videos on my page for our HEROES-
RT @edsheeran: Official @Stormzy1 remix drops on friday. What a buzz, his album gang signs and prayer comes out that day too X
RT @tinatbh: sorry boys, but I already got my eyes on a guy who’s not interested
The wireless line up is somethin else😱😱😱😅
RT @HarriTyler: I want to go to wireless festival so bad the line up is mint
Naah ....Libby ...Isla and Sofia .
RT @louisafitz_: Love those girls who are meant to be your "mates" but then go shag your boyfriend and give him the clap👏🏻 lol love…
RT @LeahNeck: All females!! please be aware!!!
Trains are terrible but I'm Snapchatting my struggles, libby_ayres if anyone wants to watch my pain
Текст песни Carly Simon - Libby перевод
RT @MamaBrown: Beautiful Libby gave her heart to Jesus tonight! 😍 Please pray with us for her! #eyl17 #MadeNew
RT @LindseyEatoNews: Hear from one of the dispatchers answering the more than 1,000 calls coming into the Abby & Libby tip line 844.459…
@Libby_Glenda だ、だって……き、キスとか、顔を見ながらするじゃないか……!!それが少し恥ずかしくて……(焦る
@emdowell used to have massive crush on Libby and Brooke satchwell. Can't remember her characters name
What is worse than standing on a wobbly paving slab and the water underneath it flying up into your shoes???? Nothing x
Hello @EMTrains, what compensation can I claim for the London > Derby 9.58 train?