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RT @zaynmalik: To all the amazing women that gave us life .. happy Mother's Day 😍❤️️big love x
RT @BleacherReport: Goodell wrote a letter to the Oakland mayor casting doubt on city's chances of keeping the Raiders, per…
RT @CommonWhiteGrls: OITNB just posted this picture??? With??? Poussey?????
Welcome to the Toyota Knoxville family, Mike and Libby! We hope you have many happy memories in your new 2017 Toyot…
@kro_kero し、死ぬほど辛いッスか……??どれどれ、……ここも痛い?(直接肌に触れてそっと脇腹をさする)
RT @Zoella: NEW VIDEO: Reacting To Our 90’s Childhood Toys
RT @Zoella: NEW VIDEO: Reacting To Our 90’s Childhood Toys
RT @NoLvstName: lmaooo @ the fucktard raider fans blaming libby
Thx for being my date and eating jimmy johns with me at 2:00am ily lots come visit beeg again
@kro_kero (おかげさまで良い夢が見れそうです……切腹はキーマンの固有技だからoz氏は創作続けて……_(-ω-`_)⌒)_
RT @TonyDasco: Goodell letter to Oakland Mayor puts Oakland last ditch effort down #LVRaiders
RT @jerrilyn_sweat: Life's to short to live sour all the time ;)
Just watched @janson_chris on @AudienceMusic. Adore him so much. Love his music. Really incredible story.
RT @AlbertBreer: One thing clear in Roger Goodell's letter to Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf -- The NFL's belief Oakland's picking the A's over the Raiders.
RT @extrasexual: every girl deserves to be with someone that takes pictures of her like this
Rubi ask me to hang out today!! So excited!! ( ^∀^)
@keruri @tess_eract Can you explain how this proxy buying service works and if it's possible we can use that too? It IS so cute!
@Libby_Glenda ………っ!っは……ハァ………ハァ…………し…死ぬ………(息が切れている
yall i was real excited to use my $1 off coupon for these hair, skin & nails vitamins until they were $20 😐
@The_Trumpkin @bilal_4hmed @realDonaldTrump Relax "Libby!" Watch how a genuine @POTUS MAKES AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!