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RT @IAMRACHP: Some of y’all weren’t VIP members at Libby Lu and it shows.
Sleepy ( ´_ゝ`)
LIBBY WIERSEMA: Discover foodie treasures at local tiendas - SCNow #Foodie #News
@matteneal @LightfootForChi And while I disagree with you 1000% that you have any right to my choices on my uterus,…
@matteneal @LightfootForChi You... you know that an abortion doesn't suck the babies brain through a tube right? An…
「【オリジナル3Dモデル】Libby (Libby通常版)」を 弐形屋 で購入しました! #booth_pm
RT @babysnitchery: being a woman in America is terrifying
RT @JonReinsch: The US military ordered its guards to carry loaded weapons outside base premises, violating the Swords and Firearms…
RT @MRMehraMD: A privilege to speak at the Brigham event to honor the legacy of Dr Braunwald - a celebration to remember with ⁦…
RT @DemocracyStorm: A quarter of a million immigrants in jail in our country? Wow. Of course, they could release them to work, but ins…
RT @blackdevushka: As an ex fetus I can assure you that if my mama aborted me I wouldn’t know nor give a fuck
Apparently Libby Lu wasn’t a universal middle school experience and my mind is blown.
@myfuckinbaby pls look at the science roast i pulled on libby im@so proud of it
RT @_cho97: 🐱투어하면서 많이 동그래졌는데 정국이? 🐰저여? 아니예여. 투어하고서가 아니라 발 다치고난 뒤에. 🐱얘가 얘가 동그라미가 됐는데? 🐰 돼지도 아니고 멧돼지 되겠다 지쨔 🐱너 약깐 지금..제주도 흑멧돼지 같…
RT @_cho97: 무대하고픈 국이 마음도 이해되고 말리는 형들 마음도 이해되고,, ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ
RT @IAMRACHP: Some of y’all weren’t VIP members at Libby Lu and it shows.
RT @MyFavsTrash: If masturbating was a crime id be on death row.
@louchelarue @LibbyCudmore Sean, Libby... I feel like I've just begun assembling a crack team of highly skilled ope…
@Jaralee11 @libby_dolen maxwells pizza in mcconnelsville
i just roasted libby with science & i’m v proud of it thx
드뎌 2차 뛰러가는데 쪄죽겠다..