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🗣 LIAR!! LIAR!! "Pity" is sympathy & compassion 4 the suffering of others. Sooo...yeah...umm...ah...PANTS👖ON🔥FIRE…
@ilybaekhyyun é noa vamos ser LIAR LIAR LIAR
@kmjnrsryo74912s いつも作品密かに拝見しております|´-`)チラッ
"But ur a liar and it's ugly"
RT @kmqkatie: Charlatan ... Liar ... Traitor ... Too late for me to think of more ... Annoying ... That is he's an annoying trait…
RT @yj_shinsetsubot: 野獣先輩カミーユ・ビダン説 ・カミーユ・美男→ホモは嘘つき ・すっげー白くなってる→エゥーゴ仕様のガンダムmk2を見て ・ファッ!?・ユイリィ ・宇宙を駆けて宇宙を! ・女たちのところへ戻るんだ!→ノンケは帰って、どうぞ ・こ↑こ↓からいなくなれぇー! ・カンノミホ…→精神崩壊
RT @anti_densus88: Apa Kebetulan?.....Ternyata Aksi 412 Bertepatan Dengan Hari Hewan Liar #News
RT @Keindahan_Surga: Kontol punya maz yudi kecil, tapi liar banget seperti burung elang yg menerkam mangsanya,Mbak siti tak jadi berdaya
@liar_marisa CoCo壱だよー。何処にでもあって、何処でも同じクオリティで食べられて、リーズナブルかつ美味しい! お昼はよく食べるよっ
RT @steameddumples: u actually thought if him as liar MARVOREEason ToHoldOn
@pacificexpose That's fine. The quote is still a lie. Dick Morris being a POS and a liar is an entirely separate issue.
RT @DrEstella: @DrJillStein U r a huge #liar ! 80% w recount?Seriously!U care 4 future voting? Work on Voter ID's with proof of Ci…
RT @kannazuking023: ナルシストキャラでトレスしてください
RT @skmkol: @ANI_news Gold limit notification came when Manmohan Singh was Finance Minister. Liar.
RT @nigeriasbest: Good interview. Elrufai is a dangerous fellow. A barefaced liar......
RT @jonfavs: This is exactly right. The media had no issue saying Clinton had a problem with the truth. Trump is a proven, con…
@_A__g_2 ㅇ0ㅇ 으니님 카톡은 그대로이신가요?!
@_a オレの大切な人達 ✩相方 ➣ @ SERVAMP_YUMI ✩飼い主 ➣ @ liar_0808 傷つけたら…どうなるかわかるよね? 絶対許さないから。
@JohnLeguizamo @HillaryClinton Time to sue this disgusting, irresponsible liar for slander. slanderous liars must be stopped.
@maggieNYT @justinjm1 It's just a lie. I don't care what else they say. Congrats all you idiots for allowing a liar into office.